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This was a reporters worst nightmare. Here you have the special counsel. Bob Muller who probably has more credibility in Washington right now than anyone else. Seeing your stories not true. I'm Michael Barbaro. That's today on the daily from the New York Times at two thirty on. are more than thirty thousand gun deaths every year in the United States. We hear them memorialize in headlines man, wanted and slang of foreign Georgia arrested in Indiana victims, triple shooting fleet at Kansas City fire station for help mother and daughter killed in Bossier city seventeen year old claims he was playing with rifle when he accidentally shot his girlfriend man sought after allegedly shooting and killing parents and three others for young women shot in Newark during candlelight vigils for recent car Crowley's hunting for killer and sunrise shooting woman shot to death in domestic related case woman shot on bus on Buffalo's killed and spray in DC sheeting since Friday morning walking dog in Cleveland found fatally shot. Those headlines from across the country are just from January of this year. So today, we're gonna talk about the victims the perpetrators and the epidemic of violence in the United States. Alex blonde is here to help us make sense of what we know. He's a reporter at the trace, which is the nonprofit, news outlet focusing on.

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