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Ray and the before the mainstay team selects great guests inches valuable information on various topics finance in investing as a foreign language to me so i appreciate btm for making it makes sense for me each weeks episode is just a resource as riches the previous ad before the millions to your favorites love that special shot out to sam james nine nine read fifty e oji be erica genady frederic all hin urban gentleman hive life to eighty gavin rick lennon bar jacco nine old school old school said first of all my twenty seven year old daughter told me about this podcast series and asked what i thought as i listen i was overwhelmed at how incredibly relevant the dialogue is and how people with any age and learn something continue providing a great service people are listening eric thank you eric against special thanks to david tearfully matthew gray job is not a you and last but not least luke gillis thank you all for your five star reviews you are the reason why we are able to produce such amazing content each and every week i leave you with this most people come to me and ask was should they start investing and mind number one answer before all else may surprise you not insurance which is a very good as a class not real estate which is my favorite us a class it's not even the stock market the number one thing i believe all investors starting visting it when they first starting vesting is themselves invest in yourself that makes way for the highest are all i that you can achieve so get out there and starting vesting will see eunuchs rock blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah you'll.

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