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Got the lions and bears in action right now and it's Chicago taking the lead ten to 7 late in the second quarter bears quarterback Andy Dalton just hit tight and Jimmy Graham for a touchdown with four and a half minutes to go in the half Earlier in the game first drive for the Lions It was Jared Goff finding his old friend Josh Reynolds for a 39 yard score Reynolds and golf played for a few years together with the rams before linking back up in Detroit The bad news for Detroit just minutes ago as well starting running back Deandre swift left the game after an awkward tackle He is questionable to return with a shoulder injury Checking the score of D.C.'s Turkey bowl at eastern high it's the city's high school football championship and we have Woodson taking on Theodore Roosevelt It is Roosevelt pulling away 37 to 14 we're nearing the end of the fourth quarter in that one College troops the number two Maryland women suffering their first loss of the season earlier this afternoon to number 5 NC state they fell 78 to 60 after going down by 22 in the first half head coach Brenda freese what went wrong for your team today You can't come out and have inconsistent play which is you know we had a lot of inconsistent play you know for the 40 minutes So you know but I learned a lot in the second half I thought this team could have gone in two directions You know you get beat by 30 or 40 or you come back and you respond And I loved our response in the second half Another tough matchup coming up on Saturday as the Turks take on number 7 Stanford men's hoops later tonight Maryland and Georgetown both in action Thomas Robertson WTO sports And coming up on W TOP the holidays will be a bit more diverse this year at some theme parks It's one 47 What's all the buzz about nasal irrigation and navraj navaja Here's the science Airborne germs invade through your nose when your nose gets clogged it's less effective in germs multiply Eventually your.

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