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Let me get closer. This thing like people all dream of playing at the highest level, playing in the game on TV in the Premier League, but not many people have the chance to celebrate on the edge of the box with no goalkeeper and go. What a rare moment that is. But I think that they also rotation. I personally think Arteta's conservative, not necessarily because he just wants to be conservative. I think there's some managers who prefer having smaller squats. I think if he was desperate to have a bigger squad, I think he'd make more noise about it. And I think they would have backed him potentially a bit more. Because he doesn't necessarily need to be like top top caliber players coming in. If you just want bodies that could get bodies, you could have people to back up. Like he could literally bring someone and say, you are a backup. Similar in the way to how we feel about georginio, you could say. Yeah. But he's not doing that, so I think to manage a smaller group is something he's interested in. I think obviously they've been pretty healthy overall as well this season, but that's been very significant. As you mentioned before, georginio is a good player. But this arsenal side feels better to me with parto. It feels like it feels like a big miss for me. So whereas you can manage all the positions. It seems like for that one. It doesn't necessarily change the identity because it's still a win inside. But part is like being one of the best players in the Premier League this whole season. I think he breaks down the opposition to tags more than georginio as well, maybe as mobile. Exactly. I don't know if you saw there was a fascinating answer from Pep Guardiola in the press conference before the forest game. When someone asked him about the comment that you made after the arsenal win, when he said that the first half was horrible. But the guy asked the question by saying, oh, you said the first half was horrible and you played Bernardo Silva's led by and he goes, no, no, no. I said the first half was over, but not because Bernardo played the left back. And then he's tying explaining that when he's got those gut feelings or something that he's thinking about, I need to play this player in this position, which we all think, okay, and he said, you think I'm overthinking, but I'm not overthinking. It's why I think is the best plan to win the game. And he said, once I've got it in my head or in my gut, I have to go for it. And I think Arteta as a disciple of pep as much as he is, no problem. I don't think right now die in him of pep said, just to finish that, he said, you know, I could easily play the same team all the time all the time that you expect here with the brain starting with gundu and started. And he said, but there's a reason why I don't play them. But I could play them and say, okay, it doesn't matter. It's the team that everybody expects. Their win is good. They don't win while it's okay. It's not the managers for because it's the team that you should have played kind of thing. He said, bad don't say like the ACA like if I put the burn on the bench, it's because I saw something else in my head that could troubles per. So I played that and then I hope for a win. And I think our tits are right now. Conservatives conservatism is not a bad thing, especially when you're winning. When you've got 50 points in the first half. But I wonder if one day he will have that kind of gut instinct like pep or if he will always be a bit more, I think, yeah. I think because they were winning so many games is quite easy to pick the same team. Yeah. I think if they were in a spell whereby, say, maybe people were injured and they weren't dominant in the games that they played in. I think he would be looking for something different. We can have people who believe in like a four three three and so on and so forth. But still, you might want to tweak something when the opposition is of a certain thing. They have a certain strength like say city common they're going to have like 6 midfielders just right in front of your midfield three. Are you going to adjust to that or are you going to take the stance that we are the dominant team will stick with what we do? And I think for now he's very confident being that because the team has done so well. And maybe it will change, but also I like what Guadalajara shakura made the city fund likes what caused the party because I think to myself if I had a feeling in my gut and I was the one who had control. If I went against it and you lost, how did you live with yourself? Yeah. Because as well, it's easier to revert back to what you know in a game, but it's harder to change to something that you don't know. So if you start with a four three three and all of a sudden you want to think, I'll let me invert this and do that. That brings confusion. Yes. And if it's not going to work out, you'd rather have time to address it. So you would rather start with the start with the gut feeling. And then maybe change go back and go back to something that you know, because if the gut feeling is working, then great. But if it's not, you know something that has a good chance of working anyway. There's never a guarantee. If we get some of the people that speak to when we talk about football, they're adamant, if you play this player in this position in this formation, the team will win. That's not football. Yeah, because you play on against the level of other players. You are also pretty good at football. So I think, yeah, I get that. I do want to see what people say. If we go back to cities, so once on to arsenal for that win, and in a way, like a little miracle, really when you think that there was still trading with 5 minutes to go in the game. And as we said before, that could go a long way in the title race. For city, can you talk to me about Phil Foden? Because okay, you know, I'm a big real Mario Brothers, my guy. I really didn't expect him to be dropped for that game. What happens in the field for the chance with Holland? Is he going between going for himself? Because sunny me watching the game I was like, okay, it's pretty obvious that you have to square it, okay?

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