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South korea and the us are considering postponing the annual military exercises i usually take place in march the drills have added significance these days as north korea gets closer to becoming a nuclear power and pairs at least hugh says if the extra sizes are postponed it'll be until after the olympics and paralympic games a winter olympics happen in south korea in february followed by paralympic games that last until march 18th the us in south korea typically stage largescale military exercises every march that include live fire drills on the korean peninsula north korea considers the drills a practice for invasion the financial times reports seoul wants to postpone the start of the exercises until after the paralympics and two sources in the defense department tell npr that request is being considered but not official the decision would come as tensions on the korean peninsula remained high following north korea's successful intercontinental ballistic missile to s and another nuclear test in recent months elise hugh npr news soul nearly forty years after he was last known to be patrolling along the demilitarized zone between the two koreas soldier turned defector charles jenkins reportedly has died he was seventy seven years old according to multiple news outlets jenkins passed away monday in northern japan where he settled in the early 2000s with his wife hitomi so got they mentoring a decades long detention in north korea she was a japanese abductee forced to teach our culture to north korean spies he was a us army deserter who apparently was trying to avoid being sent to the frontlines of the vietnam war they had two daughters this is npr news.

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