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And she's right trump is a counterpunch hurry doesn't draw first blood letting john louis's case congressman lewis good draw first blood and if the end of the day if if you're surprised the donald trump would respond no matter who it is you got your have stuck in the shannon aware of you've been for the last year and a half it's what he does randy will start with you you welcome to like taking my call once he sure looked great shell like every day you ready i appreciate so very much in my opinion mike you and everybody else is giving congressman lewis almost way too much airtime i think in reality is just curious just do nothing negro who never worked a day in his life his claim as famous getting hit that adam on march fifth game use a go let's get over the slavery issue well i mean you know the one thing that week i think it's important to two two to clarify randy and i sure by the way you're using the term need grow which in twenty seventeen most wins would consider patently offensive because mark lowe marte hill just casually decided to to declare steve harvey another issue of met with donald trump as mediocre negroes show i don't know maybe maybe the negro is coming back you never and in do our vernacular by people like being brought back by by trump critics and liberal democrats like marked lamont hill after merrill streak went on her ty rated the golden globe's a lot of some people tried to say well she's she's mediocre she's a hack she's a has been she's dried up and all that you know it doesn't to me the that overreaction doesn't fit and we shouldn't do what they do one of the most celebrated actors of our time she she's she is one of the best in the in the in in the world and will be remember for the ages john lewis was beaten and was a civil rights activist and is indeed a civil rights icon and an there's no there's nothing game to buy trying to rewrite history or per ten somebody doesn't hold up a position of stature that they hold by the same token merrill streaks acting ability.

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