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Oh there's something in seven and and they and they spotted and everybody observes it and as a result uh what the lego spokesman david shoemaker said is it's not out of the question this is the most observed astronomical event ever we've got some where between a quarter and a third of all the world's astronomers working with us and a great example where they got the general part of this guy where was and very quickly could figure out where it was and everybody's everybody's telescopes turned to it and so they were able to spot it and get visual confirmation of what lego hey detector we gravity which is also a first right that the gravity telescope has had a visible maury you know electromagnetic not just all visible lights infrared and and gamma rays and all sorts of other things too but the electromagnetic visible universe has confirmed the gravitational universe observation for the first time it's it's really cool and it's the first gravitational wave detector for something like you said other than black holes this was a pair of neutron stars about one hundred thirty million lightyears away which is ten times closer than the next nearest gutters in a wave source the the garbage to waves caused by black holes colliding are far stronger than this event to this one these could be occurring further out but we can't detect those at some point goes going to become more sensitive these things so we may see these things further out into the universe but right now they've got to be pretty close and.

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