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All right Scott Kaufman who's the athletic director at Lakota west high school we got lots to discuss with him so let's welcome in the program Ralph good evening Thomas how you doing I'm doing all right now let me ask you first with wife and daughters everybody healthy safe all that kind of stuff everybody is doing great the you know make informed school obviously but yeah everybody's home doing well and healthy and at this point now the person in question is you've been working I know some from home are they tired of you yet being around they're tired of me when I'm not around so yeah that it's it's it's a lot of meetings in a lot of discussion about but now I ever everybody's great you ready to get back at it what I'm sorry about that but the router Scott you mention your daughters back from school she's she's back from college yeah yes she's not because I my daughter is a senior in college this year are in high school and looking to become a freshman in the fall and will be a freshman in the fall of stencil if everything opens back up blood and and a lot of what we talked about is the psyche how this plays on the psyche of the seniors of high school heading into bed with your daughter coming back and playing sports and all that you're saying this remote not just as of athletic director of Lakota west and all your students but how it's affecting your daughter and her athletics psychologically did you have any tips for me with regard to my daughter getting ready to go to school she doesn't play sports but she she is just as anxious to get out there is anybody else you know I I think the biggest thing that we keep talking about is the aspects of you know part of life is learning how to control the uncontrollable well in in right now all of us have been built for European in the best thing we can do is is one from it try to listen to the advice that we're getting from those that they that have more answers and we do understand that this is going to come to the end to end you know the simple fact of matter is we have some of the greatest medical minds and make medical technology in the world and then don't be an end to this you know we don't know how quickly but we know we'll be better off the more people if we just listen and be patient and allow everybody keeps talking about a new normal I'm not sure that I necessarily want to talk about a new normal except for the fact that no this is going to this too shall pass in in the brighter days ahead and I think we just got to be optimistic at the aspects of I know it's hard for a high school senior it's hard for a college junior because you know they're they're getting ready to spread their wings so to speak and and do some some neat things in their life and those things are still going to happen just probably not as quick as they want them to happen but you know the best thing we can do stay in place be together and get through this and move on well let me ask you and obviously you guys about a school like everybody else in there will be going back to school this academic year what what if you were hurt in an and I'm sure you still stay in touch and you do a lot of stuff on social media you recognize all the seniors they're local to west what what advice I mean what are you hearing or seeing from seniors and and student athletes and students in general but you've got to know out west how are they coping with this because I mean all of a sudden you have no prom you know you have a if you have a graduation is going to take a much different scenario they would have hoped for these I remember back to my senior this was supposed to be the time when you were ready to have this much fun go on your senior trip that's an awful lot and I and I'm not naive and I get the fact that people are very ill with this and some of di I understand that but if you're a high school senior you're dealing with what's in front of you as a high school senior there's no doubt I mean it's hard for anybody who's sixteen seventeen eighteen years old much more beyond you know tomorrow you know what I keep trying to share with with people that I talk with is that this is such a short clip in the radar of their life in the big scope of things if their disappointment at each other as I you know I I I get that no we we all are looking for specific moments but I truly I would get in the aspects of their third grader moments ahead and yeah this is disappointing you know sometimes we get we get thrown some curveballs and you know we we got a reaction A. E. L. but there will be brighter days ahead they'll be great memories ahead and and quite frankly thirty years from now they'll probably talk more about this moment in time then we probably do from our high school times yeah because it is out of the ordinary and it it's it's not normal I will not comment yeah they'll they'll have more things to talk about it are there disappoints absolute there's nobody we're all disappointed you are prince welding card an artist you print for your teeth and actually we are always talking about the aspects we want our kids back you know we've we've given our lives to put them in situations to be able to do things in the school and can we not we hate not having them around if I have one more virtual meeting my head's gonna spend much rather be meeting with kids and and talking about you know them and their lives and their future that I would be you know at trying to figure out what's next then and so I think if it's in the short term of this yeah it's hard I get that means disappointing and but at the end of the day we got to get through this we have two cabins many live stages we can we gotta get and be able to move forward with all of our families being said I'm the best big question I think all of us get is how's your family how are they doing in that respect well we can help foster that environment in the best way to do that is listen to what they're telling us I understand that this is such a short period of time in their life and we're gonna get back to a normal even though you know maybe it isn't such a bad thing times you need to wash your hands for anyway so you know there's certainly some lessons they're going to come out of this I think for all of us and and we just got to take those and and move forward it's got company athletic director Lakota west high schools our guest here on gambling senior weekly reality check yeah and Scott I wanted to ask if we can address this if you don't mind hanging over the break because I think one of the important things with with my daughter at least his band and I'll give you a great example she walked out of my house the other day to pick something up she lives down down the street primary her primary residences with her mom understaffed at but she walked down I thought what is once you have that hang dog look on her face and why was she walking because even though it's only a eighth of a mile C. tends to drive what's the matter she goes my car won't start clearly because it just had been driven and I don't know how long and she burst into tears it wasn't had nothing to do with the car it had everything to do with the night before should have been her prom and all of this she had left the house there is essentially the property to either go back in for the my house or elsewhere in almost forty five days so it tripped and triggered this reaction so what I found useful was I just sat down and I told her the truth I tie dye was very honest with her I said look you know you've been to dances prom is just another dance and what's the best part of it getting dressed taking the pictures going to dinner what's the thing about prom that you've been to that you didn't like the most the dance you couldn't wait to leave you had to stay until a certain time so here's the thing you can get dressed up you can put do this you go to all of these things you can recreate they don't really to a level know what they're missing that will change for athletes who are waiting on scholarships and all of these different things whether it's financial parts of it versus just experience and if you don't mind hanging out over the break think about that for a minute and see if we can parse that out into two different angles sure nice got companies against to be with us when we continue easy athletic director Lakota west high school more to talk about we talk about maybe that he gave me he told me what he told some of his coaches and I think it's great advice we'll get.

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