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And morass traveling to Boise. There's a two episode nomad about Boise. One is about the actual football game. We went to Boise State. Broncos Me to go with Chuck Pagano. The parking lot get to see that blue turf One is the travel. Actually there. And it was an amazing experience that I'll never forget. I mean, we were in Boise and the Boise City Council named the day that we were there. Damon a Mendel or a day that I still have the Paper, and it's framed and I just will forever be incredibly indebted to them for that type of kindness. But the nomad episode that cab was just playing was the trip itself at least the portion of nomad for Marazzina. And the video of US eating sushi at Newark Airport on and Out of all of the unique and outside the box type of risks that I've taken from a culinary standpoint. And my wife, the Bourbon Belle, oftentimes goes. You're eating that Now I will eat things out of the fridge That probably have been there too long, because I don't like to see things go to waste. And I will try things on the menu that many people probably would never try because I just feel like challenging my intestinal package. But that day more as we wondered, is eating sushi at Newark Airport, the best idea and loan behold. It was very good. Now. We especially had a risk because we were in In front of boy, What an eight hour flight because we had a change somebody different times. So we really took a risk there, but the sushi it no work is evidenced by that nomad episode. Very good. So was it bad and I know traveling with you as much as I have. Which cheese After this past year. Get me to another D A trip in a bad air and b, b and b in a hurry. I mean, I feel like I've been in the same spot forever. But you take a lot of gambles on food when organizing these trips and what I remember specifically about the sushi in Newark. You were so enamored with some new app. You got about telling you where all the food was in every airport, and that's all you talked about in the cab ride over to Newark Airport was like you watch. I'm gonna have all the best food on this trip. And we started off with sushi in Newark, and I was skeptical when it worked. And then in the middle of basically, Ah 35 Minute layover in Minneapolis. DEA is walking around this enormous airport. Looking for anything you can on this stupid at the feed us before our second leg to Boise on Leah Finish off with us eating a slice of pizza. We could have gotten better in New York. It was really, really because the DEA had uses fancy shmancy app. We really took some gambles on that trip. Yeah, I had met this. This company, a representative from a company and I had told them what I did. And these nomad episode they're like, Oh, we've got the act for you. You'll love this app. If you're flying a lot, it tells you in every airport exactly where every food is, and it's kind of like A GPS Google map if you will, for and with yelp kind of combining two with every airport that sometimes very helpful because if you're in an airport, you know, like I just want McDonald's or I just want to pull area just want whatever is here. It's hard. The GPS is nowhere to go in the airport. How'd it get there? And this had like a map in laid over every airport, so it was helpful, but in the Minneapolis airport We ran into this terrible problem of everything was closed. And so I'm like, Oh, we could eat here. Let's walk all the way over there closed. We'll pass these to place on the way they're closed closed. And I'm like, Ah, this app sucks when you actually land at a airport and it's midnight and none of the fix that you wanted. He is open because We flew had a new work. Well, it was a maniac into Minneapolis. And then there was eight o'clock. Everything was closed. We had terrible streets was kicking off. It's terrible pizza. And I'm lugging my carry on. I don't like walking to begin with the ace flying a million miles an hour. No pun intended. And I my fat ass. It's just lugging my suitcase. Just give me anything. You were lamp. It's gonna slice here. You were like the offensive lineman running downfield after a 60 yard bomb was set against it again. Come on, We're huddling up. Come on. Then it was like it's amazing else will come back to me. It was only prompted by us sitting down, all right, we got colds. Pats on. We're gonna watch the second leg of this Thursday. That probably was a baseball playoff game on my laptop. I got all this going on in front of you Got a big show the next morning from Boise. And there's d A Let me pop on the 16th 1985 Bears documentary ever seen while I sit there and watch the Goldson Fats middle we get of me. That was during the flight that was part of the on demand flight entertainment. There was There was another 85 bears documentary that I was like. Well, I've seen the other four. So I need to see that song too. Let's great this one out. So we ate Newark airport, sushi and route to Boise. And then we ate way better of Boise. Wait, wait like champs. There. They put a lot of places. Goldie's was amazing for breakfast and Steakhouse is amazing, and we just kind of everything was came back from that and said I could eat. I could eat in Idaho every single day for the rest of my life. Be very happy. I'm gonna fry company. We went to where they had, like 17 different trump different. Flavors of potato French fries, and it wasn't just the French fries D A. They had the proper pairings of different sources. And they only hear a radish ketchup here. They knew what would match the different types of potatoes and if you take the time To match dipping sources with quality and style of cut and different things of potatoes. I mean, honestly, you're a scientific miracle. That was an unbelievable place. Boise Fry company, right? Oh, yeah, And the owner was a big listener. And today if you guys were in town, and you have some time he definitely got to stop by and we'll set you up. And so we were talking about the show with him. He was awesome. And he? Yeah, it was like Some people go.

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