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Company the, transfer that can fold regarding our friend David I. Couldn't do that right away I've actually come up I've spoken to Allen. Weisselberg about how to set the. Whole thing up with Yes And it's all the stuff because here you never know where that. Company Correct so I'm all over that and, I spoke to, Alan about it when it comes time for the financing which will be No no So financing what financing to, our, friend David that's their friend who owns that? Actual, acquire Financing, what, financing, then, you, heard, the, word. Cash and then you, hear, Cohen go no no no no no no no no no so, the, leftist, say, well, see, he wanted, to. Pay with, cash co was saying. Something about no no, no no no Donald Donald please you know we don't do that. We're not mafia chieftains but that's how the left is literally using the word mafia here Lanny Davis. Who's now, representing David Cohen represented Bill, Clinton, when he was being impeached that Lanny Davis Try. To spin this around, now, Rudy Giuliani who is representing Trump in this matter many other matters, says, no, no, no, I've, listened to, thousands. And thousands, of tapes over the. Years as prosecutor you're, not listening carefully so here's Guiliani telling us what he says really. Went down the fact is the president does bring up cash but he says don't pay with cash And then. Cohen says no no and the president says check, and then Cohen, says I got it The, president want the transactions, to be memorial So that's on the Ingram angle. On FOX so, we're talking, about, Michael Cohen the lawyer said David Cohen David the friend. Who owns the national choir and Donald Trump so, it's coming down to, this in my opinion this is the biggest nothing burger. Right here at CNN did their. Out bet I'll bet if. I, have it turned there this morning at sorry I'll bet if you, were to turn on to CNN right now. This is exactly, what they're still talking about the Trump tape Oh I. Bet you CNN That's fake news so you. Go to CNN dot com. Here the secret. Trump recording there you go Donald Trump discusses a, controversial payment with then attorney Michael Cohen in audio device CNN when when, his attorney was taping this that could be. Illegal, in it of itself Although it's interesting when, you when you listen to these guys talking Because. The audio, is actually a bit longer than what we gave you it's it's they're speaking as if Face suspect that the room is being bugged I will bet you when Trump does. Has, been doing business all these years up at they always. Talk in this this kind of code language yeah because he's probably always concerned that someone is recording him, I just willing to bet even. Playing at that high level of the business world in New. York City the tire conversations a bit, abbreviated it's just sort of weird and there's also. A woman president I don't know what her position is but she's speaking in the same, sort of manner it's. Literally as if they understand everything's being recorded now whether or not they knew David Michael. Kotas recording, things I don't know But, it's almost as if they're they assume they're being snooped. On very strange I wouldn't surprise me at all no not at all I'm on I I went to, all of the major fake news. Websites and that is the top line on all of them. MSNBC is Cohen taped show Trump knew, what was going on yeah ABC cash ABC's secret. Trump Cohen tape released what it is in dispute and then Fox News has Giuliani slamming, the release of that. But I mean Eight That is all they have on their. Websites it's, unbelievable This is. This is what they'll do they have an editorial position it's. A business decision. And they're not, gonna fleet from. It they're not moving they're not running they're not hiding so this is. Why Trump comes out there yesterday swinging as he speak I think. He, was speaking to the veterans of foreign wars group. Anyway he's He's talking and he he has. The fake news media right. Right assembled in the middle of the auditorium and he points. To them as. He says this, but remember they. Have the biggest best strongest lobbyists and they're doing a number just stick. With us don't believe that crap you see from these people the..

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