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Hi Friends Welcome to another episode of that Sounds Fun. I'm your host, any up downs. I'm so happy to be here with you today. Quick Reminder, we are starting one hundred days to brave as a big group of friends next Monday August third. So grab a copy of the book or the New Journal, and plan to join us as we read through it together I don't know y'all. Normally, we do one round of doing one hundred days to brave together and we did it in January to April. But as our team got together and thought about it, it just feels like Fall of this year, shaping up to be a great time for us to have. Great courage. So join us all you have to right now is make sure you have a copy of the book hundred days to brave or the Journal, and we'll talk more details. Monday on the podcast and on all my social media. We have arrived in our final episode of our special series called any summer. Tony? Twenty. I'm sad, it's over. The agreements a tool. We'd love around here to help us know ourselves better and love our people better. It's just a tool, one of many that can help with personal growth. But one that we find really interesting and helpful here at that sounds fun, and this is our last Hurrah of the twenty twenty series. We would love to hear y'all's thoughts about any summer twenty twenty, just click the survey link below or had to antioch downs, Dot Com Slash, India, summer survey. Yet, we're already planning for twenty twenty, one y'all cannot be surprised, but we really want your input. So. If you get a chance to felt that survey, it would mean a time. If you're just jumping in today, this is the last of the whole series. So you can go back and listen to our intro episode was Sarah Jane Case or any number that you want to listen to eight nines ones all the way through. But. Today on our show is are any Graham. Sevens the music in the background, our good Buddy Ryan O'Neal better known as sleeping. Last. He's created a song for each type in what you're hearing now is any Graham seven at song. Make sure you head to specify apple music and listen to the whole thing. Read the lyrics it's. Forgive me.

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