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All these people mobilized each other on social media, also the saga of Brexit may be careening to an end. We'll have an update plus a college grapples with historical racism on campus. I remember sometimes leaving the campus, and I felt like stomach was in knots and the sister, Philippine President Rodrigo detail on what guides this controversial leader. All I can say this in his heart is guided by God stories and more today here on the world. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. The White House is rejecting a request Rahm. Congressional investigators to hand over notes from President Trump's private meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin is NPR's tamra Keith explains. The committees are looking to those meetings, and whether the president tried to conceal details of his communications with the Russian president responding to the request from the chairman of the house oversight foreign affairs and intelligence committees White House counsel, Pat, sip baloney wrote that there is no precedent. Supporting such sweeping requests Salani cited both the president's exclusive authority to conduct diplomacy with foreign nations and privilege that protects. The president's diplomatic communications. He argues the president must be free to engage in discussions with foreign leaders without concern that those communications will be released and quote used as fodder for partisan political purposes. This is unlikely to be the end of the back and forth between the White House. And congressional Democrats. Trying to do oversight tamra, Keith NPR news. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is praising President Trump's announcement. Today. He recognizes his country's control over the Golan Heights Netanyahu. Speaking today to press conference with visiting you a secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, saying the statement made by the president on Twitter today is of equal historical importance to his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital our lines in recent years has never been stronger. It's an unbreakable bond that's based on shared values of liberty and democracy insured interest to fight the enemies of democracy, the enemies of our way of life. The Israeli Prime Minister also accused Iran, if she can use serious a platform against Israel Israel, captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the one thousand nine hundred sixty seven Mideast war next thing the territory in one thousand nine hundred eighty one the accusation was not recognized in the past by the US or internationally. After severe funding over the weekend. Some neighbors in northeast Nebraska are struggling to find water for themselves and their livestock for many t- radio. Jack Williams has more after a dam gave way late last week residents in the northeast corner of Nebraska have had to deal with flood damage huge ice chunks from a nearby river and a damaged water system. Douglas. Fox's the director of emergency management for a five county area and says the water situation is the most urgent problem. We have approximately two thousand people in Boise county without water. We have around five hundred farms and ranches also that are affected without water. Faulk says bottled drinking water has been taken to the area and farmers and ranchers are bringing water in for their livestock as well. He says washed out roads and bridges in the area are slowing that process for NPR news. I'm Jack Williams in Lincoln, Nebraska. Stocks were broadly higher snapping a two session downturn for some US indices, the Dow up two hundred and sixteen points, the NASDAQ rose one hundred nine points this. This is NPR this. And this is Casey are w Larry Perot infra. Steve Chia takes us on a Thursday, March twenty first good afternoon to you. Here's what's happening at three. Oh, four recently. We reported on how the settlement to end the teacher strike this year created additional financial pressures on the LA unified school district. Now the district must prove to LA county. It can pay its bills and avert a future budget disaster this week in a four to one vote with one abstention the LA unified school board approved a plan to do that. But there are big.

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