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To see this particular program id on this frequency is free so i'm going to start pushing the video down that frequency and then i'm going to tell your box to tune to that so then when we start thinking about like you know the xfinity systems and the fact people use netflix and hulu these are all ip based so this is on demand and then you can think about the way that they save bandwidth here is just cdn right you know if one hundred people in one neighborhood are watching the same netflix thing it's just cashed you know in a cdn so that's the way all the new stuff works in it allows kind of to free up bandwidth and things like that but you have to support all the old customers so we have ip video and qualm coming across well you have the multi cast video coming across the same backbone so you're you're essentially duplicating traffic so in addition to kind of replacing this hardware what this multiplex your did was consume from the same content that the ip boxes were consuming through the cdn and then pushing it out as the co ax video and to implement the coober nettie solution to this do you have to work much in go to create those custom third party resources or is that is that just creating something in a yambol file what's the developer experience like for creating that that custom solution the to make this.

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