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Political meddling and economic meltdown, and of course, the global pandemic I'm Rhonda. Tina Dob Louis and we're the hosts of through line. NPR's history podcast from typhoid Mary Force into quarantine for thirty years to conspiracy theories and all American pastime listen to through line on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to this day in history class where we bring you a new tidbit from history every day. Day Was August twenty first nineteen. Eleven An Italian beef name been Tinto Peruta stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum in Paris. Peruta moved to Paris in Nineteen O eight in one, thousand, nine eleven he worked at the Louvre as a handyman fixing the glass in the displays. Months before he would still the Mona Lisa a French reporter stayed overnight at the Louvre. In a sarcophagus to show how bad surveillance at the museum lies. The Lube did not have the best measures in place to protect the artwork from theft. For instance, many of the paintings were hanging and easy to take off the wall. By many accounts, Peruta? No Stranger to the personnel in the museum. The Louvre on the evening of Sunday. August twentieth nineteen eleven wearing the same white smocks that the loop employees war he went to the gallery that held the Mona Lisa and hid in a closet until the museum closed. Then he took the Mona Lisa out of its frame and walked out with it under his spot on the twenty-first. But PERUTA himself said that he entered the lose on the morning of Monday. August twenty first grabbed the Mona Lisa off the wall when nobody was in the gallery and left with it under his small. Either way he took the painting back to his apartment. The. Theft went unnoticed for a whole day since paintings were often removed for cleaning or for photos. But the day after the theft security guards realized that the artwork was. And reported that theft to the police. Police launched an investigation into the crime. The Mona Lisa's frame was found in a stairwell and the museum announced the deaf to the public. The museum closed for a Week The press jumped on the story which became international news the next two years. Fans of the Mona Lisa and loop visitors express their frustration with the theft of the beloved artwork. Investigators questioned witnesses in stopped cars and pedestrians for searches, but they weren't turning up any leads. The newspaper Paris Journal was. Bored for information about the death and a man named Joseph puree went to its office with a small statue he claimed that he stole from the Lou. He wants worked for the poet Guillaume apollinaire. Called for the Lube to be burns down and had several small statues that were stolen from the Louvre. puree implicated apollinaire and the Mona Lisa theft. But investigators did not think that apollinaire committed the crime alone. So they went after Picasso to who was a friend of apollinaire and bought stolen statues from puree. But after their trial apollinaire and Picasso were let off the hook. The investigation went cold though people continue to speculate on the painting's whereabouts. Some claimed they saw it in Brazil or Japan some said it was in the mansion of Financier J. P. Morgan. But PERUTA had been keeping the Mona Lisa Hidden. He insisted that he just wanted to return it to Italy where it rightfully belonged as Napoleon has stolen it though it was not plundered under Napoleon. Whether or not he was being truthful when he gave the justification for the theft has been up for debate. In nineteen thirteen, he tried to sell the painting using the pseudonym Leonardo Vincenzo. He wrote to an art dealer in Florence named Alfredo Jerry saying he would bring the painting to Italy in exchange for five, hundred, thousand lire. Jerry agreed and Perrugia took the Mona Lisa to Italy. Jerry said that we see gallery would authenticate the painting. But instead of buying the painting Jerry reported Russia to the police. He was arrested on December eleventh in his hotel. Gallery displayed the Mona Lisa for a couple of weeks before it was returned to the Louvre in January of nineteen fourteen. Peruta was convicted of theft in August of nineteen fourteen and sentenced to just over a year in prison though he served less time in that. Art Enthusiast and critics showed renewed interest in the Mona Lisa after its return. I'm Jeffcoat and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. We. Love it. If you left us a comment on twitter instagram or facebook at t the I H C podcast. Thanks for showing up. Me here again tomorrow. For more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio. APP, apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows have you ever wondered is, will, Ferrell likes to wear his I voted sticker all even it into the next day or what makes Stephanie rule so passionate about voting. 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