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Tomorrow continues. I'm dave grave line in our twenty fifth year on the air bringing you the latest in consumer tech both up today and into tomorrow and we thank you for tuning in and know that you can participate anytime you've got a question about consumer tech perhaps a digital dilemma that we can solve for you. We invite you to contact us anytime. The best way is to download the free into tomorrow app in your favorite app store and click the message to studio button and participate that way because it sounds like you're right here in the studio with us best quality. We can hear you really well or barring that the next best way to participate is to call us. Yeah actually use the phone as a phone go figure and anytime twenty four seven eight hundred eight nine nine four six eight six eight hundred eight nine nine into toll free from anywhere in north america you can even now text to that number and while we prefer to hear you on the air. We do. Read an occasional email or text. So don't hesitate to join us anytime we can help you. Our next guest is where the company that manufacturers dog containment and tracking systems allowing dog owners to take their virtual fence anywhere delighted to have the vp of engineering for company called spot on virtual fence. Soon vivian assume. Welcome into tomorrow. How are you sir. Well thanks for having me. It's a pleasure to have you glad that you could join us. Tell me i a little bit about the whole pet industry and why you guys got into that market and then let's get into what spot on those specifically well. According to the american pet products association Consumer spent around ninety. Five billion dollars in Pet products last year Roughly of which twenty nine thirty billion or pet products. So we were. There was certainly a market there for us to to develop something that was really a value in what people needed Which is you know. Keep their pets safe. And of course a lot of folks say well. The best way is is an actual fence not so much a virtual fence but that's not always realistic. I guess that's true Depending on you know maybe the neighborhood you live in a fence may not be allowed But if you are in a neighborhood or property that allows for fence in if you want your dog to rome building physical fences very expensive and costly and Also causing maintain so we wanted to come up with a solution. That kid gives you an alternative to Fiscal fence and of course a lot of people want to allow their dog the freedom to roam. And if you've got a big property then why not Which then brings me to the spot on fence. Are there limitations in terms of distance for example before we get into how it all works. But if if you let your dog have that freedom to roam can you still keep track however far they go the absolutely at dave So you know part of the pets. Natural curiosity is to sniff around and rome into be curious and with the spot on a virtual fence Your delimit is is. You're you're in your mind there. So there's no limit to distance you create a fence as large as you like. We have a fences that average from one acre to hundreds of acres. Let your dog ring. Nice now let's talk about this. Virtual fence is that something that you have to implant wires or something around an area or something. The dog wears give us an idea so unlike traditional systems there are no buried. Wires were base stations. That you have to set up. It's just a caller that the dog wears and to set it up. All you have to do is put it in. Learn mode in walk the exact perimeter you want to contain your pet. And once you're done you click save. And that's one of ten fences is that you could have on the collar. So it's highly portable and flexible. So you could even then go to dog park. There are many more of those popping up. And i guess do. The same thing walked the perimeter Or portion of that dog park. If you want to keep the dog there how does it keep the dog in the virtual fence. So that's a great point. A little addition to being at the park is instead of walking a custom Fence you could actually create a circle on the spot so there's an instantaneous circle of There's probably ten different sizes that you could create on the spot and put the collar on your dog right away and let let your dog. Oh play In the way that the the fence is a keyword contained is as your dog approaches the boundary that set. There's a series of tones once called an alert tone and the second is a warning tone that is to let the dog know that there are approaching the boundary. If your pet is trained which we have three custom training plans to help you and your dog learn the system What those tones mean. So you don't necessarily have to be at home or in a familiar place. The dog is trained to those towns. If your dog does breach the boundary They receive what's called an optional static correction which is something that is a stimulus to to truly keep contained in that that's been tried and true method for several decades now so the static correction is basically as we may have known in the past. I guess as kind of shocking caller To some degree doesn't cause harm but let them know you mean business. Don't go during actually. You're actually tracked. It does not harm. The dog tells them that they have reached the boundary that they've been training got you. Do you have one of the callers handy to show us as we're doing zoom views as well then you can give us an idea of how big it is. Oh for for those listening on the radio. I who haven't yet seen the video and then folks can come and see the caller as well. Yes so this is A medium size in. It's adjustable and you can adjust it to fit doug next down to thirteen inches of circumference and this particular Size fits seventeen inches. So if it's most medium sized dogs And here you have a button. Three buttons in display and you navigate and select which fences one activate and deactivate as well as create that circular containment i mentioned earlier goo and what does the display. Show us at that point. I mean it's obviously not for the dog to see but is that part of how we would be setting up.

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