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Anyway anyway will will take away from this film bay eight references mike money let's make loads of films device references eighties nineties and notice references we'll we'll we'll we a law film that live in the world of pub coach and set up right dot yeah could not be tycoon absolutely but in also our filmmakers going to you know like i say are those filmmakers going to fade away the distance i'm we'll film we'll cinema as as as an entity ceased to exist because of this movie in what is spielberg done what did you down you time right well why'd ranging implications for the future cinema it's and fee are amazing but no podcast thank is it for our ready player one spotter special hope you guys enjoyed it where there is also going to be a spoiler special this week for a quiet place with john christine ski the film's writer star everybody has to go and see the place it's terrific it is opposite the amazing sukuzi film and and then come into our sport special put headphones on this nothing bad here's tries to kill you until we meet again it is goodbye by from inferior goodbye it's goodbye james dyer game over one up one up ridiculous he always wants to and it's fine for me i am off into the away and i tell you what i would do anyways i've really thought about it i would bring leonilo by together again.

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