Rape, Karen Trinidad, Colorado discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Forcefully rape me know exactly what he was doing and I don't think rose says that was the last time she met with abstain but she was left with crippling anxiety and depression that caused her to drop out of high school Colorado congresswoman Diane it again is defending her bill that would protect about seven hundred forty thousand acres of wilderness here in Colorado Kaley news radio's Karen Trinidad has more on that story April the Colorado wilderness act is being heard before a house subcommittee right now in Washington DC it would be the largest land protection package for Colorado in the last twenty five years to get defended the bill against critics who say it would take away land for back country recreation and oil and oil and natural gas development the current bill would leave unaffected over ninety percent of BLM managed lands at in Colorado and these would remain open to oil and gas drilling mining off road vehicle use and other development to get is a member of the house natural resources committee Karen Trinidad KO a news radio cholera parks and wildlife is taking a stand on whether will should be reader introduced into our state a wolf sighting this week brought that issue up again but CPW spokesperson rific feral says the wolves are causing big problems up north of us we are hearing from Wyoming that you know they're they're doing exceptionally well in areas like Yellowstone and and they're not having any kind of major depredation issues at this point the people need to be super concerned certainly at this early stage or we have one or two that we're seeing it's not anything that should be much of a factor leaves the walls videotaped in Jackson County likely came from Wyoming a group called the Rocky Mount will faction fund is already collecting signatures to put a measure on the twenty twenty ballot that would reintroduce wolves.

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