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Oh, and you can get extra apps and channels and stuff, and I realized they have this new fashion channel called made to measure m to m fairly hip kids. And it's amazing. They have a whole bunch of features a whole bunch of documentaries a whole bunch like you can watch you can see sketches from recent collections from like every designer they have content specific to the channel. They have other things that are created outside. Like, the senior Nell they have it erase. It was like five or six episodes. It's on YouTube, but they also have an age don't have it on YouTube anymore time because it's on to measure. So I watch all these episodes of the senior which goes through the entire creation of a collection of Karl Lagerfeld, and I'm like. Ladies of the attell gay who've been working there for forty years again. They some of these are so cute. Allen -ted, amazing craftsman craftsman and genius of beating and drafting and sewing and tailoring there's one scene where the head dressmaker of the the flu or whatever. Yeah. She's draping the the wedding dress finale Lamari aid dress, and it's unbelievable stunning. So they have all this stuff. It's amazing. I watched this super sad slash inspiring documentary about Alexander McQueen which highlighted his last three or four seasons. Ball is worked before he passed away and passed away. Committed suicide don't know he's he was very fortunately, damaged soul. Here's a true artist, and he will never be replaced. And that's the thing. I'm watching these last collections where I talked about earlier we had the giant hounds tooth and the big pile of garbage in these big giant clown like lips and things, and they go into the history of it and where he got his inspiration from and they treat it like art. They don't just treat it like clothing like this inspiration in the story behind it in the idea of what it comes from. And what it's trying to portray and it was just so inspiring. But then also soul-crushing to know that this will never he will never create again because he's not here anymore. So it's a fabulous made to measure. If you have apple TV, it's super acceptable. They have little half an hour documentaries. They have full length features. I watched the Dan rea Lind movie. The I has to travel. I watched the iris Apfel movie. I watched advanced style..

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