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Muscle bound fellas GonNa take the wrong into that so I I wanted to make sure everybody was safe in town. Then I went to ride and ride the ride. He did to the wire. I you know I. It's been such a fun trip Ron. And we've talked about him. I mean this is nuts. Actually if you think about it it's it's five full years of of conversations to talk about what we you know. We started the program here. Hot Springs At at OAKLAWN. Trying to get to the Arkansas Derby and we did that. And then we We we decided to revert back to sprinting. And and that's paid off the the the main thing about going short was we knew that it was easier on him. We thought that he's proved himself as a graded stakes caliber hort going around ground. But we knew that sprinting is easier audience so that the the reason for the decision and he also happens to be good at it so You know with spinners get the last a little longer. It seems like where I'm from and We're we couldn't be more happy with that today. Amazing and he is one of four buyer Which you know you talk about you. Mentioning the ability to judge his performance level particularly at the same venues as the year goes on Churchill and an oaklawn principally and a one zero four puts him in range essentially with his best racism. And you've got to one zero five in this last year. He got a one. Oh four when second in the Breeder's cup sprint at Churchill two years ago and At one zero five again in the Breeder's cup sprint. This year. I mean it's it's amazing. A seven year. Old gelding perfectly Pleasantly perfect the sun out of the Scott that he mayor and it come back around again and and You Know How's he? He's running keeneland a few times right. He's he's he's been okay at Keeneland in your favorite places is okay running keeneland. Nice start worked out well for a hopefully the right and God on our side But it works out well for us for what we WANNA do. Is WE WANNA win the cow plate and we want to win the we want to win the sprint. That's that's our two goals every year when we have a sprinter so You know I couldn't be happier at the location of those races. Well we we can see the way all you gotTa do is look at the last couple of seasons for Whitmore to figure out you know how his his season is going to is going to continue on and You know the next opportunity. Of course assuming you're going to run them on the same schedule are you gonNA come back in the in the Catholic ultimately? Whitmore gets to tell us what we do. But of course our owners my partners and The Barn would all love to to try to win that Third Count Fleet. And if if everything's right in the world will definitely be there on Arkansas. There'd be to try to do that well and if not the you can you can basically wait. What another three four weeks. And you've three weeks then you've got the Churchill downs. Yeah there's there's some good rates is out there with some nice money For people that have a good horse. So we're GONNA try to make sure that our interest is ready now. Ron and you mentioned the owners. Let's let's talk about the evolution of of how that you know the the way that ownership kept morphing over the years and how much fun. Everybody's gotta be happened. Yeah it's it's a great group they You know originally it was it was me and then it was me putting him into southern springs and then Mister Lapente who always Jumps in and I got a good horse In the barn got in with A Arkansas Native Harry Rosenbaum Harry Decided he wanted to take a little money off the table and sold his part to salt on the boys and And solve spin around with us for the rest. The ride I think the last two point two million so It's it's evolved a little bit Common thing is we've had the same. Groom the same Gallup person and you know for most positive you know the same fans that.

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