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Think it's an AA. Yeah thanks plugging your taxes. Are you teaming with your penis Sir and I think you should have said now. You don't get to Redo said your father had had the most famous penis in Hollywood because of all the famous arquette's that have came from his loins literally and then you have that genetic attic. You know you don't WanNa you don't want to say you're gonNA pull out your penis and then someone's ass while you're saying pro pro cutting and you know you put over monster Palooza but I still don't know your way around okay. The Best Place Auburn Hills and the bootleg Cedar Baldwin Park Not Baldwin Hills. Somebody get this map. This is why they have cue cards. And Holly I mean if you're gonNA COMPARE RJ City and David Arquette to the rock and roll express you obviously RJ. City would be Ricky Morton and who's going to take the Canadian destroyer. David will do it. I'll take it. I also gave it to jungle. Oh boy when I wrestled you would break your own neck giving the move. Because you're crazy I love you thank you I still trying to find out why. RJ's here though we're trying. I figured that out and then You know the next time you're in New York. You're always welcome to come here in studio. I can't wait to come in guys. Ok I love your show. I listened to it every day. Thank you so much all right David. Thank you so much David Arquette tag team partner of RJ city. How about that though that people think of him more now is your tag team partner to actor? Yeah yeah well. That only speaks to the lackluster ness of his acting career. Hey He hasn't gotten you on any talk shows. I mean I remember Oh seeing him on Ellen and revealing the whole thing and Wendy Williams I was I was waiting for you. He was into. Oh Yeah I was waiting for him. Not that I watch Allen Jones. I'm hardcore They come straight to my house so yeah I didn't remember seeing you on that one Wasn't even mentioned Wade even mentioned it's Wendy Williams on this on his Pulling penis out in beating someone's asked Promo his subpoenaed will be on Ellen before I will. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm them by Nation Channel. One fifty six. The busted open podcast..

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