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Then what happens is Notre-Dame gets forced into the arms of the Big Ten. And the SEC right now, as far as I see it, has vested interest in that not happening. I don't know why people think there's going to be a bunch of more moves on this. What does the SEC gain from doing anything right now today? They don't even have Texas and Oklahoma yet. I think should there be some movement with the PAC 12 and the big 12, should they come to some agreement or if there's a hostile takeover or there's some formation of some new conference in the big 12 of the pack 12, then I think you could in theory see Texas and Oklahoma get out of that deal earlier. Get into the get into the SEC and maybe that's when there's a sense of urgency, hey, what's the next move for us? USC and UCLA don't show up for two more years in the Big Ten. I think people are pretty settled right now for two more years. I think we love listen, I'll be guilty of this. I'm guilty of this. I love the rumors. It's catnip to me. I hear somebody say something to me on background and I hear somebody mentioned this school, interested in that and I hear from a coach over here about this and then you talk to an AD about that and you're like, this is all real interesting. Guess who's not in the meeting rooms making these decisions? Coaches and ADs. They're not. So while it's all fun and terrifying, all at the same time. I don't think anything's going to happen, folks. I think the SEC, the Big Ten Notre-Dame, those three entities, they're going to sit firm for a little while. And be very careful and very strategic about what they do. And in my opinion, Notre-Dame just sits back and waits, bides its time until it is forced into a conference. And right now, that ain't happening. Because they have a path to the playoff and they can negotiate their own TV rights. Full stop. Until one of those two things changes, Notre-Dame may join an a league. Would it be fun to watch the SEC snake Notre-Dame away? Yeah. It would be fun to watch Big Ten fans react to that. Just as a guy who lives in Nashville, Tennessee in the south, I'd be cool with that. I think it would be fun to watch the chaos in the world burn to the ground. That'd be fun. But it's more than likely going to end up in the Big Ten, but it's more than likely not going to happen for years. So I think Notre-Dame's not the battleground here. The battleground is the state of North Carolina and the state of Virginia. That is the battleground. Where does the Big Ten footprint end? The northern border of Virginia. Where does the SEC footprint end? The southern border of North Carolina. Where are there a boatload of football recruits? From D.C. all the way down to the South Carolina border. That is where there are tons of football recruits, big TV markets, lots of fans who care about football and basketball. Those two states are the battleground. For the SEC and the Big Ten moving forward. And by default, they're television partners. Namely, us. So I think what's interesting is going to be how those teams are divvied up. Because I think that is what's going to take a couple of years to figure out. I think that was in the next steps for both conferences. With the possible exception of Oregon and Washington for the Big Ten, they can kind of just go get them whenever they want. But they have to be strategic and very careful about when and how they go do that to make themselves the most amount of revenue. Does the big tent have a different brand identity, culturally than the SEC? Yeah, it does. They care far more about AAU. They care far more about the chemistry professors and the mathematics professors and the trig professors all working together and getting funding for their academics. There's more of a focus on the athlete part of the student athlete, let's call it. In the big tent. As part of their core cultural brand. And the SEC wants to dominate you on the football field. I mean, facts are facts, folks. So the key for North Carolina and Virginia is how do those teams get divvied up? Is it North Carolina the biggest brand? Is it Virginia tech the biggest brand in the state of Virginia? Are those the top two? And here's what we'll do. Coming up next, I will explain why I think it's North Carolina and Virginia tech and why I think one league has an advantage over the other. I'll explain that. Coming up next. Braden gall in for Paul find bomb, this is ESPN radio, the Paul pine bomb show. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb Joe podcast. Paul fine bomb show Friday afternoon. ESPN radio Braden Gaul in for Paul today at brayden Gaul on the Twitter machine if you want to get involved that way. So we're having some phone line issues, some technical difficulties. We are getting that worked out for you. But if you would like to comment, if you'd like to chime in, the menches are open. At Braden Gaul on the Twitter machine, feel free to jump in that way if you want to. We, of course, we'll get to Chris Lowe, Chris marler, Alex mcdaniel coming up a little bit later on. But here's the deal with North Carolina, Virginia, the states. State of North Carolina state of Virginia. And why I think that is the battleground that is currently where the war is being waged, the expansion war is being waged in Virginia and North Carolina between the Big Ten and the SEC. Listen, listen, we are ESPN. So that is not lost on me, as I say these words. But ESPN has the ACC network and is a major partner of the ACC. Of course, ESPN has all of the SEC. Why would it not allow the SEC if there's some sort of war going on between the Big Ten and the SEC for the states of North Carolina and Virginia, which could involve, obviously, Virginia and Virginia tech could also involve North Carolina, NC state, maybe duke, unfortunately, sadly, I don't think wake forest is involved in that.

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