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Al Williamson top of the key looking to drive crosses over into the paint. Spins off on little can't get it. Too strong in the rebound for little so North Carolina can win it nine seconds left. Here's Koby white up the right side, seven and six five and four thirty feet out three and to step back fadeaway three rattle. How? Four to seventy three. Hero. He goes. David shumate. And this was the semifinals and credit Duke for not having an emotional letdown in the championship for being able to close out the ACC title. But did you hear on the Duke IMG sports network? It was drama filled. All the way to the end, it was back and forth back and forth. So if I'm not mistaken, I think I remember the first half UNC actually had a double figure lead. It may have been up somewhere between eleven to fourteen but they started out the second half poorly. It was actually tied at halftime. They started out the second half poorly Duke was able to pull in front. It was so good. It was the best that you could ask for. And that's one of the things about this rivalry that makes it so compelling, even if you don't really love college basketball, or you're tired of hearing about Duke and UNC it was so good. And it always is. I mean, they're almost dead even in there. What I call it their career rivalry. That's a weird term their overall record head to head. It's just awkward all of. That's awkward, but you get what I'm saying. It's a good rivalry always. So ends up getting Ziya Williams back just in time to become the overall number one, however UNC is not left out in the cold. The tar heels are number one in the midwest and all three of their titles under ROY Williams have come when they've been in a as a top seed and there was another nerd alert. I've got a pass this along to you. I did not find this. So I'm going to give credit to the listener. Who tweeted this to me? Let me just find it really quick. Okay. Vinnie says on Twitter I have a nerd alert for you. He says the and this is talking about another number one feeding Gonzaga. But I like the fact that I as I was talking about North Carolina. He bought this up. Third time is the number one seed Gonzaga their first and second rounds in Salt Lake City, all three times, so the pattern sometimes can be helpful. So with ROY Williams they've been a number one when they've won their three titles with Gonzaga Salt Lake has been a place that's been good to them. Now. We'll they finally get back to the final four maybe have another shot at the championship will see so Gonzaga, the number one that's not out of the ACC Virginia. Rounding out those four. There's no way they're not. They're not facing the same demons last year without UNBC game. If I remember correctly that was also a Friday night 'cause I remember being home in my chair and having my laptop in front of me. So I enjoyed watching it from the comfort of my own home. Having my laptop in front of me and Twitter. The March madness Twitter at that moment because it wasn't a close game. You NBC had a big lead and Virginia just had nothing. And it was so much fun to almost to kind of share that basketball conversation with the nation as it was happening. I'm pretty sure that was Friday night as well. So hey, this time of the year. You don't make plans that our Friday night if they don't involve college basketball. So we've got Virginia North Carolina Duke, and then we've got Gonzaga. If you missed my conversation with soft more forward, Corey kiss 'but. Well, that's part of our podcast after hours, Amy Lawrence dot com. A great talker. And actually a wakeup call for Gonzaga when they lost in their conference championship. This is the team that scored one hundred points in the semis and was held to forty seven by Saint Mary's in the championship game. And so for sure it was one of those. Whoa, slap you in the face. You better. Be ready. The next time you step on the court. And I had a good time. Talking to Corey about that moment. I asked him how in the world. Do you prevent that from happening again? And he had some really strong words. Also, I didn't know about Corey he was recruited by UVA. So he had his choice Charlottesville or Spokane, and he talks about why you picked Gonzaga and why it's been the right thing for him. So both Corey as well as Jerry palm who is here in studio to talk about his bracket that'll be part of our podcast. It's after hours on CBS sports radio. The plight of Villanova. We've talked about this a couple times as a thick feed. The defending champ had a role topsy turvy season and will have to take on the eleven which is Saint Mary's. So that's their first opponent and waiting for them in the next round. If the Wildcats win and seeds, hold true would be Purdue. So really strong inside game. I appreciate the experience of the defending champs. And the fact that they've got some guys who long tournament time. But they also made this a lot harder on themselves though. Don't tell that to coach Tate right because he's not buying that. Seating is all that important. We take it over over the years. We've had good bad all kinds of different bracketing feeding situation. We're we're happy to be in it. And and we got a hell of a matchup against teams from one team in the country. So yeah. For St Mary's who knocked off Gonzaga, they're playing some good basketball too. And feeling confident other things that jumped out at me from the bracket Kelvin Sampson and the Houston and the Houston Cougars are a three seat as well, which is really cool. And so the the idea that you work all year long all season long, and we talked about the crying and the blood and the sweat, and the tears, and you put everything you have into it. But this is where it pays off. So we have Kelvin Sampson and Houston against Ron hunter, Georgia state. Remember that run not that long ago that was fun. And so that's the three fourteen match in the midwest where North Carolina is the top seed Kentucky ends up falling to a two seed in that same region, and for the Wildcats they lost at Tennessee in their conference semifinals, and then Tennessee a chance to grab a one c but lost to Auburn in the SEC championship. The volunteers remain. A two seed as does Kentucky your two seeds are Michigan who fell to another to seed Michigan state in the big ten championship. The big ten by the way has more teams in than any other conference. And then Tennessee and Kentucky. So you have three top seeds from the ACC. You have to number two seats in the big ten and two from the SEC. So definitely the power conferences are represented. But there are eleven conferences out of thirty two this year that have multiple teams in which means more of that parody and more of the opportunities for the mid majors. So a lot to sift through a lot of settling game. We'll talk to liberty flames head coach Richie McKay. And the back end of this hour, but straight ahead. It wasn't just selection Sunday dominating the headlines over the weekend. It was also some big time football news. So we'll try to pick that apart as well. You can be on Twitter AOL radio and.

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