Donald Trump, Beck, Finance Minister discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Europe and back home in germany the social democrats will narrowly back the preliminary deal for a coalition with the german chancellor this weekend that's according to the former spd leader cut beck acting german finance minister pizza outs maya has told bloomberg this is crucial for europe dymock quite optimistic that germany will have a stable government within a couple of weeks and us in encouraging hacked and allows us to have a closer and more intensive cooperation with our friends in france and us vice president mike pence heads to the middle east this weekend for a much anticipated tool andrew bowden his 'bluebox international governments editor pens had israel jordan and egypt tomorrow to discuss regional politics iran and a path forward on the peace process the trip is sure to be dominated by president donald trump's decision last month to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital not on the agenda so far a meeting with the palestinian leaders in the west bank they say the us has ruled itself out as a peace because of its decision due by andrew barton bloomberg daybreak europe global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries i'm alkas calls and this is due back guys marcus thank you very much indeed let's go down under took tennis his callan leslie worlds number one ruffalo dialed will be hoping for nukes tears as he attempts to reach the last sixteen of the australian open tennis this holding he takes on bosnian dumb your through her controversial australian nick kityo size at interesting look inside withdrew wilfried songo franz women's second seed caroline wozniacki feces since in people arsenal manager arsene vein of being criticized by borussia dortmund as he weeks to find out if alexis son chase is joining manchester united the judge topflight site kentucky said their strength emirate obama gang which fits in well in north london salving our say's that you'd like to deal for sanchez is likely as part of a swap for him the wickets elsewhere of dombi can create applying for point cushion between themselves on took place in the.

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