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By the authoritarian right. There is a danger that the overcorrection can harden into a interest dogma that we have to I guess in the news the last few days has been Trump trying to identify with the critics of cancel culture by standing up for Confederate statues. A cz well as others, but including Confederate statues. Is that relevant to your letter? That is completely irrelevant. And someone like Donald Trump is not a good faith actor. He's not a good faith participant in the kind of debate that, um, speaking for myself. I was trying to participate in that I'd imagine any of the signatory is attempting to participate in Confederate monuments are not being canceled. There shouldn't be monuments in the United States of America to, um aside that fought against the country to two traders of the republic that That's um is false equivalency with the kind of thing that we're talking about here when? When Colin Katherine it cannot work for having a political opinion that he expressed freely when You have people like David Shore? Um, who get fired for sharing simply for tweeting research? You know, that was one of the most egregious examples that happened recently, You have the chairman of the board and the president of the Poetry Foundation, forced to step down because their statement in support of black lives matter. In support. I stress was not And if it's strong enough, they have lost their jobs for what was deemed to be to tap it of a response. You have the same situation on the board of the National Book Critics Circle. These are neither worrying examples of a kind of authoritarian ing on DH intolerant. Adrift in our nation's cultural and media institutions. Thomas Chattering and Williams on this program last week. Joining us now are a signatory of the Harpers letter that he organized new school professor Claire.

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