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Okay very excited to talk about. Why the winners lost as confusing title but Jessica? Can you break down. What we're going to talk about here today? No pressure so I find myself with to survivor. Encyclopedias so I will be relying very heavily on your memories of all of Amber Rob Harvey Sandra Sarah Ethan. Jeremy Tony and Tyson's games that they played and did not win because we all know that they are winners but unfortunately they were also losers at at a time to so. That's what we will be breaking down today. I think this is very fun and I think this is an interesting way to approach this season as in as we go into that. Yes these are all people that won the game but it's not always easy to win and nineteen of them. We'll lose and for some of them. It will be a multiple times loss for them and it just goes to show you how hard of a game survivor is. Absolutely and some of them will probably lose multiple times just in this season. Maybe some people could lose two or three times even in this season. He's in that in South Pacific and he's not even here in this season to play again anyway so very excited to get into this with you. Both David David. I know since the last time we spoke on the season. Forty round table number five. You haven't been feeling well what's going on. Oh I just You know little in pneumonia knocked out here for a week So I got to catch up on some shows and mostly lay on the couch and hack my lungs. Oh okay well happy that. You're feeling better and here with us. I know I saw in our patrons group that you said you watch all of the clone wars What brought you to that Something I hadn't seen yet do a final season and I and there were some references in the man Delorean that my son told me we're back to the clone wars an extra actually. There were several of them so it was interesting. There was also so one a character who appeared in rogue one was immersed in the clone wars. So you know it's it's considered Canon bannon gotta be fully caught up on that David. David I said I'm not bringing the clones. I only brought them to game changers. This is there are no clones clones. I may go rogue he would be the rogue one. Okay all right so let's talk about. Why why the winners lost some of the winners they lost then they won some of the winners one and then come back and have lost? So I think it'd be interesting interesting to see You know who's trending in the right direction as we head into season forty. I'm David What's the order that you want to try to attack the these as a this list of survivor winners. Who have lost? I thought I'd keep it simple and just go alphabetical order by first name. Yes okay and now as we are going to talk about why the winners lost as you do on know. Why a blank loss? Can you tell us David for anyone who is is a uninitiated to the cannon of why blank lost can you give us the criteria of which we're looking at why these survivor replace lost. Yeah it's for anyone who doesn't.

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