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Jack Nicholson discussed on GSMC Social Media News Podcast


Yeah and then it's like you're you're taking a person's real life really going off into a whole nother fantasy fiction world here actly yeah and then when their children involved feel bad for the children i mean i feel bad for the children of celebrities in general because you know mom wants to go get a cup of coffee and so you've got cameras and that's something i don't think i could deal with haven't always quote unquote look great mmediately gave up on that one people there were just always be pictures of me in the tabloids just looking like crap and i think there was also for the children i think there was a law case a few years ago about whether or not children of celebrities were private citizens and had the right to be private have private lives and i don't remember which way that law case came out or even if it finished but just the fact that someone i think filed a lawsuit more their child of like no my child's on a celebrity you can't follow my child around with cameras or whatever right and i think it was can't even photograph them or something that the fact that you had to have a lawsuit about this for a child is just a little ridiculous and i know some celebrities go through different processes like i can't think of who it was but i read her memorial nina dollars she's not a huge celebrity but she's well known and her husband is also an actor and they used to just have their daughter wear a mask like halloween math into out and she thought it was fun you know so the kind of made it a game or face paint or whatever it was but well you know those articles celebrities they're just like us well they're not in terms of something and i think it was a think jack nicholson i definitely get but someone else who actually physically threatened but jack nicholson verbally threatened of taga for for taking pictures of their kid stop taking pictures of my kid anything someone else like completely custom out about it because any like fine i'm a celebrity i you know signed on the dotted line to do whatever even though i'm not quite sure how barging into people's lives and stocking and breaking into and going through their trash and all that right heart.

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