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Some on ice. Preseason takes that. I want to call out of fantasy. Wise davante adams. I said would be number one wide out this year. I drafted devante adams michael. Thomas seventh overall people laughed at me but now look what's happening semi laughed at you. Oh yes for sure. So devante is a beast. I knew he'd have a big season. would be this big. No but i'll take it takes another one obviously chase admins better than kenyan drake. That's seeming the pan out. Drake obviously her but edmonds. I think probably is ranked buttering also. That's another good season long. When i had to stay on the team i said column. Murray is the core back to take after round five. Don't waste your time with deck and lamar. I did say you can take homes if you wanted but Tyler around five and he appears to be the guy him russell in mahomes the top. Three guys rustling. Cuyler could got obviously a lot later than the homes Calories better stashed in the marge jackson last year so mockery. Yeah I also you know we also both advise you to stay away from these players The whatever the standard rankings had them all pretty high the espn yahoo. Whatever p five Bleacher report had all these guys ranked high. And i did not we stay away. Nick charles was the tenth overall. Ranked guy kenyan drake number twenty. Lamar jackson number thirty one. James conner number thirty two. Although beckham junior thirty four amari thirty five doodoo thirty seven mark. Ingram forty nine either all players that you were taken in the first four or five rounds that you are probably pissed about. You probably dropped half of them. You know terrible. Obviously some of them got her. Which you hate to see a mars affected by andrew quarterback but even when he was healthy you know he was. He was doing good but a guy ceedee lamb. He could've taken ten rounds later. Was doing just as good as amari. So is actually especially with obviously with quarterback issues to have their so so you know enough maybe next to listen to us build. We haven't nailed everything. You know david down since a top ten running back he's not doing bad but you know he's not time but he's up. There is consistent officer. He's happening up there. But you hit some but hit more than us. Oh exactly the your europe. Percents has to be over fifty percent. Yup learning got Fantasy nobody knows everything so exactly. All right Over performance for us man so obviously We got some over performers. every years happens the guy. You pick up You know first week or riots to the draft in. He least fancy championship. There's a three guys. Four guys highlighted yours One guy is a james robinson for the jacksonville jaguars. Anyone had him as a draft player this year. A lot of people were more on a armstead there who still battling with a cova issues but james robinson is leading that backfield for the jacksonville jaguars and probably allowed of people Wonder fancy teams Another guy quarterback started week to justin herbert Right now he's Right behind i think mahomes has the most ashley ours in nfl. And he's a lot of he's turned toward the top ten. Qb every week he's finished around the top ten or top ten a every week. So he's definitely some people. There leagues Robby anderson guy. That's outperforming his early season project A lot of people in that carolina offense had. Dj more curtis samuel. They didn't have robby anderson. he's doing he only has one one touchdown on the air..

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