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To know for sure at this point, but it looks like the weekend should be mostly sunny and probably warm in the mid seventies, right now in Seattle, 66 degrees at Combe Aux News. Lot of us are going to be making hot dog runs and beer runs to the store as the fourth approaches of Virginia Man is a $100,000 richer after his trip to get hot dogs. Gerard for E. Told lottery officials. He decided to pick up a last minute cash five ticket while at the store earlier this month. Fourie claims he's not an excitable person, but he was pleasantly surprised to find out he won the money has no plans yet for his 100 grand That's Dean Yukio reporting. Jazz Great Freddy Cole has died the age of 80 eight's. He died on Saturday from complications caused by a cardiovascular ailments. He's the lesser known brother of the coals, his brother being Nat King Cole, but he had a career that spanned 70 years and he was still getting Grammy nominations is recently is 2018. Time Now for LIFEBEAT Here's Marina Rock, Inger curling up on the couch for a nice long nap. Sounds good, doesn't it? But can your heart take it pulmonologist? Dr Reena Mera says, Believe it or not, a new study finds the length of a nap. And how often can matter to cardiovascular health folks who were napping maybe two or three times a week. Had improved cardiovascular events in a lowering of these cardiovascular events compared to those who weren't napping or napping more frequently, researchers say keeping a nap to about 15 to 20 minutes showed a decrease in the risk of suffering a heart related event. Dr Mehra says, however, to ditch the nap all together and try to get 7 to 8 hours of regular sleep at night. Instead, we usually recommend not napping, eh? So if you don't have any underlying sleep disorders, what happens that is that if you nap then you no longer have that sleep pressure to fall asleep. When it's time to fall asleep during the nighttime for LIFEBEAT I'm Arena Rock, Inger common use little that I.

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