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And on the surface for me, the west looks extremely deep from their one to four seeds. It was almost as though the committee went from a lot of people thinking that Kansas could be the number one overall seed in the tournament, which I think was a leap of faith to go in, hey, look, we're going to stick you with UCLA. Albeit a bruins team that's banged up. We're going to put you with a Gonzaga side who's playing as well offensively as any team in the country right now. And oh, by the way, just to throw a little salt in the wound. Here's a Yukon team that early in the year looked to be the greatest thing since sliced bread went through a little bit of a lull in the middle of the campaign and appears to be trending up as compared to an east that has Purdue marquette, Kansas state, and Tennessee. Quite candidly, 14s that I was looking to fade as early as I could all thrown into the same group together. Yeah, I think the west, if you're a pro better, is far and away, the toughest region in this tournament. It's pretty straightforward too. It's by a mile. 5 of our top 14 power rated teams reside in the west. And I think there's some obvious questions surrounding Kansas with Bill self undergoing the heart procedure, although he'll be back, and then you have mcculler dealing with the back injury, UCLA, without Jalen Clark, as you mentioned there. It's a pretty big blow, but you look at what Clark brought to the table there. He was kind of versatile. He also had the second best offensive rating of any Bruin. That played at least 65% of the available minutes. It's a tough loss. Your hope is that there was some good news. There are big man bona is going to be able to play in the dance. It was nice seeing the end of the freshman Amari Bailey, play two of his better games, the final week of the season. So he'll need to step up. I think it's probably smart if Mick cronin gave David Singletary more opportunities within the flow of the offense because he's been wildly efficient there. But even the rest of the landscape within the west. TCU is a fringe top 20 team in their own right. I know lampkin is down and maybe when you play a little bit more physical of opponent having him in there would be huge, but the offense has become a little bit more efficient with him off the floor because they can spread it a little bit more. You're basically have this match up against Gonzaga in the second round. That seems pretty criminal to me. Gonzaga is certainly playing one of the better teams in the country right now. And we think Arkansas can be a fringe top 25 team. I think it's very likely they send multiple guys to the league in the first round. I think we have them as a top 25 team to your point, Ken palm has them 20, third and 8 seat. My guy. That's your guy. I don't know if you saw this or not, and I don't believe it's there. But you were included at one point in his Wikipedia page last season. I mean, that might be the first mention I ever receive on Wikipedia. So I'm going to take it, and I'm going to call that a moral victory. And as long as he's not cursing me out and postgame press conference, it's probably a step in the right direction. But you know, pain, what they see in media all the time is even bad publicity is still good publicity in the grand scheme of things. So if this is what Arkansas needs to inspire them to a Cinderella run deep into the tournament. I mean, their fan base loves to circulate the clip and we're sitting here three years later. Hello Chris beard is even out of a job or at least was until he's going to become the head coach at old miss at this point. Old miss has an interesting hiring process. Just put it that way. I mean, Kirby Ho cut down to Texas tech is starting to draw a little bit of heat for his hiring process as well. Yes. Yes, indeed. But no, I think, you know, talking about the west. I mean, hey look, honestly, from a selfish standpoint, I'm thrilled because for the first time in the history of the NCA tournament, we get the round of 16 in the round of 8 out here in Vegas. And I think regardless of how things go, if seating is even close to holding, we're going to be treated to some fantastic match ups. And I may have to actually drag my ass out of the office and head down to T mobile, although I felt like I took advantage for the first time given your pep talks, going to some of the smaller conference tournaments that were out there. I spent an entire Thursday watching southland basketball in the big west. No, empty venues, not the highest quality of play, but still was great to get out there and see some of these tournaments live in person. Yeah, it's one of my favorite weekends. Haven't been out there in a while, but you have the West Coast conference mountain west, PAC 12. It was much better when the PAC 12 was at MGM. But you could kind of gravitate back and forth between the mountain west and the PAC 12 and just figure out the better session and go back and forth. When we were younger, the crowd was quite appealing at that point because there's definitely some talent. There is no doubt. There are some that comes out more women that weekend than the following for the a 100%. And depending on search march. Depending on what programs are vying for a PAC 12 championship, having spent time down on the Harvard in the state of Arizona in Tucson. When they travel up and drove to Las Vegas for a weekend, it is not the worst experience. Now, all things being equal, that is the toughest ticket to get. And the UCLA Arizona ticket, a lot harder to get

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