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You. The story. And I know what my initial reaction was. But my initial reaction was wrong. It makes me a bad person. But you realize that which makes you good person which makes this feature self-serving, which makes you a bad person. The whole double triple readers switcheroo. And it gets to what jokes. We shouldn't make any more. Knock knock knock jokes should be banned sunset joke. Shop at his his room. All the time. He's got a little desk in a jar to put money and stuff like that. And he's always wanted people to come by the shop. I would absolutely be pay for joke from your. Oh my God. That's great. Anyway, this joke, we shouldn't make any more. But I was happy when I heard this, and it makes me a bad person. Larry Nassar, you remember him the doctor for all the gymnasts. Oh, yeah. Yo might. Bag terrible victimize a rapist. He was attacked in prison. The other day, according to his lawyer within hours of being released into the general population. He was attacked and and. And there was some sexual components to and that gets to the jokes. We probably should make anymore. Well, my initial reaction was good. I hate him. He's a scumbag. Whatever happens to him he has come. Then I thought about this article or in the New York Times, it actually, I believe Tim, the lawyer tweeted out about should we continue to make jokes about prison. Rape, a common joke old don't drop the soap, whatever. The the idea being that. Extralegal punishment beyond what we've all agreed to in the legislative process. It's perfectly, okay. With us. Vigilante of violence in prison is just what you have common. If you go to prison, and I don't agree with that. Well, I don't want to steal your thunder. But the New York Times had a video feature with a Gente who had passed some bad checks and ended up in prison as a bad thing. You ought to be punished for that. But he was not a terribly big nor tough guy, and he was raped, systematically and repeatedly and anytime he resisted, he was beaten brutally. So are we okay with the no sexual torture of American citizens because they did something wrong in the government combat even for people who are really bad guys like this Larry Nassar, we ha- we came up with what the penalty is for his crime. I'm less concerned about him than I am about. But just in general. My biggest fear about we're going to prison. It's pretty unlikely. I have a plan, but go ahead, especially at this point in my life, but you shouldn't have to navigate the waters of sexual deviance or or racial gangs. You shouldn't even have to worry about that. Whatever crime I committed I got sentenced to now I'm going to be in jail. And you know, I'm denied my freedom. That's the punishment. But I shouldn't have to figure out how to side with with a white supremacist gang. So I don't get killed by the Hispanics or end up being sexed up all the time. If I'm not tough enough to fight them up that shouldn't be part of the prison experience to worry about that at all, well, the racial stuff. Good luck. Is there a hell of a lot of gang bangers in prison? And you don't see a lot of like Benetton ad style gangs with people from it's not like the jets, and the what do you call it from west side story, a sharks sharks? Exactly the thing. When you're a jet. You're a general the way that's a good point. Anyway, that's never gonna end. I mean, they might diminish the power to worry about that in prison. Yeah, you're right. But certainly shouldn't rate because you were whatever crime you committed right passing bad checks. She got caught up in the drug thing and sold. Somebody some math. Yeah. You know, I is it funny to make those jokes. I really dislike political correctness which could really honestly be defined as. Somebody else's definition of rude, which I find too picky. There is some of that stuff going around. That's just an absurdity. You social Justice warriors are hilarious. On the other hand this one. I was I could not come up with a very good counterargument. I know a lot of you are going to Email us harsh FM, they deserve what they get blah. Blah, follow the law. You don't have to worry about it, blah, blah, blah. But that's not a counter argument. I certainly would never consider myself, politically, correct. But I'm not gonna call certain t-shirts a wife beater anymore. Once it was pointed out to me that that's some horrid that one doesn't bother me as much as it seems to us is pro war sailing, certain governments. It's like. Article said, there's not a jacket you call the pet molester. Because I haven't finished designing yet. It's made a for. Okay. Well, let's not get distracted the wife beater thing. To me. That's a comment on the sort of guy who watched around wearing one and to me, it's a condemnation of. But I think too much so yeah, I think most people use it casually. So I'll be quiet but back to the prison rape thing. It is a widely made joke. Yeah. Very common. Is it people joking about what they fear which is a huge part of what humor is sure it's a way. It's like the same reason young people really love horror movies. They get to confront what they fear in a safe environment. That's often with humor does. And I don't want to outlaw at their, you know. Because that's one of the utopian social Justice warrior things that I think is incredibly unhealthy. You know, when I was a youngster. Oh, it's a quick aside. When I was hold off. Gladys Gladys was about the play the heart and you gave her the old head fake. Her reflexes. So I'm going to a concert show this weekend going to see one of my favorite bands, the December. I think the great some musical combo. That's exactly the right. There are a rock and roll combo there rock and roll singers. And and in they're doing this thing before the show it's supposed to be they play a couple of songs for for people too much money. You bought a special pass which duty, and I did because we love the way it's supposed to be a question answer. Then they play a couple of songs, but the lead singer, Colin Meloy is genius. His his throat is wearing out because he's I think he's in his early forties. And trust me, dude. Yeah. You're part start to give out. But anyway, so they've changed it from the original format to December STS karaoke. Where you can say I wanna sing this song in the band will play it, and you can sing it. Wow. That's a great idea. More fans should do that you'd make a lot of money doing that. And I want to so bad, but I'm super nervous about the idea. Anyway. So I'm thinking, well, I want to look cool. So I decided not to shave I am now at the point in my life. When if I have three days growth of beard three days growth, I don't look like a cool rock and roll guy. I look like a homeless old guy. I'd like a look down on his luck. I look like an old guy who's in a home or they don't take very good carrier. What there's too much there's too. It's great my beard. I've lost this double card. I can't play this double card anymore. Yeah. Anyway, where were we I asked prison rate? Yeah. It's it's hard to come up with the defense for the joke. It's terrible joke. I won't make it anymore. Probably got to admit the guy that committed a crime against my family went to prison. I my my hope was that he would have a bad time in prison. And certain people in law enforcement suggested to me that that might be the case because of the sort of person he is your desire for vengeance. Yeah. Overweight? My. Yeah. It is naturally Asha. I guess I should give myself a pass for that. He did own children. So it's one of the points. Actually, Joe Goldberg's fabulous book, something or other Moby, Dick. But that's not the way the system's supposed to wear we have our instincts, and then we have our civilized selves. And right anyway. When I was a youngster was it. That's what I started before. I went off on my tangent. Remember what I was gonna say remember that it had to do with our when I was youngster. I don't know why should put your teeth in before she plays. Just makes you feel pretty glad she does. What what was I driving? Does. Somebody have read back the transcript, dammit. I was making a point. I'm sure of it. You probably were. But I make some so prison jokes. No longer cool. Yeah. I guess so..

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