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Buzz buzz bones liberty liberty when he what do you do for a living you what take you so much i am a drummer very calloused because of the sticks i would imagine debts right yeah yeah we call on sticks were drummers karami's that's kind of an emasculating name for the the tools of the trade sticks you know what i mean first of all associate sticks with sissies well i mean it's like bang it at fifty with sticks that famous its search certainly not assissi stick maybe but it's i just mean that you know shouldn't they be called some sort of technical term rather than just like it's almost like calling him branches i don't know if you've ever seen someone drum before but we really just bang on i've never seen anyone drum actually we we have all these things in front of us and we just head on what those sticks what things you have in front of the recalled drums they call drunk that's right arm on her plays a drum is a drummer but liberty aren't some of them cult toms and some of them are called symbols you know a lot about drums for some i've never seen a drummer by i'm very interested he's very well read it's one of the interesting things vets go thank you nee you're at a lotta objectify who's gonna stay away from our hands please so you're a drummer and i don't drums so much anymore why is that well i every year and older gentleman why is your for millier why for many years i was the drummer for a met have heard of and billy joel billy jobs that billy joel billy joel gas course everybody knows billy yeah billy the the piano man himself does he like how the piano men he does he loves it he loves it he if you're in the band you have to call him mr piano man real the honorable mr piano mr piano man wife you charcoal and billy he takes he reaches down in his pants takes a little dump in his pants on thursday were quick in his actually why does ni.

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