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R C W SNG and W. M. M. W Welcome back to the large large and show my guest and I'm so anxious. I've been so anxious to talk to him or looking forward to it. James Records who's the author of the new Great Depression, winners and losers and a post pandemic world. He has a history and in tax law, and also in working for some fairly large financial institutions, So he knows his stuff You left off by describing here is New York. The vaccine doses delivered and then as usual, and from my point of view, the government being completely inefficient, couldn't run a Popsicle stand. They can't seem to get the vaccine to the people who need it, and it's literally going to waste. Where do we pick up from there? Well prison that that's exactly right. And then, But beyond that you mentioned earlier that it was maybe not as contagious as we thought. Well, the contagion date has moved up and down because we had more testing and found out you know more about the population generally, although it is Contagious enough, but There's a new strain. It's here. It came out of it were first identified in the England and South Africa so called the English strain. If you want to. It's now in the United States. It's going worldwide. You can't stop it. That is much more contagious than what's called the Italian street. The Italian strain which came out of Milan. It all started charging me Don't don't get me wrong and I'll start it will haunt China. But it's spread East and west on it went west into Malang profession week and then came from Italy to New York on Ben spread around the rest of the country. So that's the Italian stream. But now we have this English string, which is more contagious. So we have data on that. That's clear and with more contagion come more fatalities that fatality eight. Isn't necessarily hunger. It's too soon to tell. But the number of fatalities is fire because the number of cases yes, treatments are better. We've we've learned that ventilators don't work. This Bentley was a good for certain things. But not for this that people were dying for the ventilators. But what you need is oxygen. Um Which is different. You don't need to pump you just pure oxygen into your lungs, and then you can still breathe. But But now the other thing this is a mutation and some mutations are harmless is part of the genome that doesn't affect this spread of the virus. But some mutations are extremely dangerous they make they make the contention rate higher on can make the fatality rate higher. But the bigger question is, does the new mutation eyes that still subject to the vaccine? Does the vaccine work against the new mutation? Too soon to tell. Hopefully the vaccines to work. That the virus is this A just wants to kill you. So the virus continuing mutation, something called mutation escape. And that's when it mutates in such a way that the buyer that the vaccine does not work or if you're if you recovered, the antibodies don't wear That's the most dangerous of all that has happened in test pandemics that happened in the Spanish flu in 1918. The second wave was far worse than the first wave. They didn't even have a vaccine then, but they were still You know, this is subject to these mutations that made the worst. So we've got that confronting us, and we're heading into another recession within the Depression. Because the lockdown policies so it's hard to see this getting better until may have the earliest best case late 2021 early 2022. Wow, but I'm talking to James Records. Ms. Records his author of these, the author, most recently the new Great Depression, winners and losers in a post pandemic world. I did intend to circle back to the economic side of this But is is anybody making the case? Do you think that you're making to the people making decisions like Governor Cuomo, Governor Newsome of California? They don't have to do it to run two Santas. He seems to understand it already. But to start to tell these states, I understand the state level decision. And and yet nobody seems to be effectively making the case. Hate. Start the economy back up, Get it going as much as you can protect the people who need to be protected. Get them the regular routine treatments. RAM Desert here whether it's the monoclonal antibodies, which I guess are going begging. Now the overproduced at this point, but get the economy going because, especially with a pandemic still going are still a problem. We got him. We got to generate the income in the wealth that actually pays for all of this stuff. There is a group making that case. It's a powerful group. It is doctors, clinicians, professors, medicine immunologist epidemiologists. There's something called the Great Barrington Declaration. It's you Can Google it just Who will you know, Great Barrington Declaration. You'll find it right away and a group put it together and publish it, But they invited their colleagues to sign on like you could just sign that. Sign your name. I'm saying I agree with this. Thousands of doctors and again experts have signed on to this was started by a group one of whom is professor medicines. Stanford University's This is not some fringe political group. Whatever that these air the top people, they know a lot more than Then Dr Fauci, believe me, so so that's out there. But the question is, is it getting through to the politicians? I mean, they can his powerful science and I've decided some of it. And this Great Barrington Declaration has more their new studies coming out all the time. They say the same thing. But Try doing it on Twitter or fucking. You'll get censored. You'll get canceled. We'll put a stick around your tweet because somehow you're not nearly the sun, will you? Actually you are following the science. It's just not the science that they want. They want the lockdown Science, which is Very thin and very weak s O. The politicians don't know any better. They're doing what they politicians have to be seen to be doing something even though they don't know what they're doing, which is correct. They just want to do something for show, you know, you know Andrew Cuomo. Gretchen Whitmer. Gavin is from all these governors over the country are you know they're putting on a show, but they don't know what they're talking about. They're relying on a small sliver. You know, you know what I feel saying? If you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Well, if you're in if you're in immunologist, everything.

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