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Three nine nine four nine four. You're backed back games. First time in his career that he's had a passer rating of one fifteen or higher in back to back games. So Carson Wentz continues to show improvement every single game that he plays Chris endorse down up next WFAN. What's going on? Chris. Are we doing this weekend? Guys. How you bet. Hey, man. Hey, I call caller actually just took my thunder. I just you know, all week. I've been listening to you guys. You guys everybody talking about helping the giants aren't that? They are only a field goal away from the Panthers. And this week. We're going to be talking about how great the Panthers are out. Great Cam is gonna read or defense. But I don't I don't see where the disparity is you know, sanitizer. Terrible. I get what you're saying. It's a great win for us. When either with those games, usually we play down somebody's level. But I just think you know, we got to keep keep going forward with this game. You know, what I mean, we don't gotta worry about Carolina. Chris what cursor meet meet Ozzie Ozzie is going to have a retort here because I think Chris is making. Teams after the blown out. I was just watching the game for the game. And I wasn't thinking about what they did before. Or after. I just saw a team that my surprise did not give effort now. He's right. Because if you look at the first half stats it was almost identical define the problem was the giants just kicked field goals. They just could not score in the red zone. And you sometimes you gotta give credit to the other team on the field. Eagles did a nice job keeping him out of the end zone credit. That's my that was my take is that whatever you saw from the giants being terrible and losing confidence. And maybe even I don't like to say teams quit. But I think the eagles made that happened with their execution. Chris. Agreed. I mean, we played down to somebody's level. And we do the same thing. I applaud the eagles for what they did. And Carson as well. I appreciate the time. Hi, chris. Appreciate it. Let's go to Steven Downingtown. What's going on? Steve. Hey, good show guys. Thanks, man. Yeah. I agree that the eagles aren't aren't convinced me yet that they're back. I say they're somewhat back. But they got a lot of help in that game. Because of the breaks that they guy you look at those three plays with the interception that could have bounced anywhere when Carson grown down and Seward across the grain. If you had a good defense. He came. You're not gonna get away with that. Okay. But hold on. Hearts and making that throw with the knowing that he's making it against the giants. And he's got them against the ropes and they're not good. But maybe he doesn't make that throw against the team. That's like the Jacksonville Jaguars that have great corners and great coverage. Exactly. Yeah. And then on the March of this stroz which were contested the he floated like dot 'cause he got that was accurate that is true. There. You know? Even being harassed a lot to against an offensive. I mean, a defensive line good. You know, so. I'm just saying that, you know, you they're going to have to show me a lot more. I agree. Steve thanks for the phone calls. Know. And he's right. I'm not saying it's about the first half and the yardage was close the eagles. I thought they were do you know, if I didn't know the yardage would have said clearly playing better than the giants. But they didn't dominate really to the second half second half. It was it was just their line got to them. They're they're lying got ally. And I think overall the eagles outplay them. There's no question about it. But they need to continue to do this game. It's a game to game situation. I to see a couple more of these all say, they're they're back. All right. And I think I think they played like a very distracted team that was coming off a, you know, going into a short work week. That's my opinion. They had a lot of problem with Odell coming off that week. And I think the team really got distracted. They lost. All right. When we come back. We're gonna take a short break we come back. We'll have former eagles president Joe banner on and we'll talk to him about potential eagles moves coming up with the trademark is like and what direction the eagles themselves are headed in seventy numbers..

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