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This is also the final destination of away the oxygen that we breathe my years of brainstorming breaking away from the norm. Has led me to these amazing organelles and my research focus is not only on the process of oxidative phosphor relation or a teepee creation inside the mitochondria. But I'm focused on when things go wrong. This is called mitochondrial dysfunction. And this is my professional passion. Unfortunately, my dear consul dysfunction has been linked to most modern diseases. When the mitochondria have dysfunction. They can't work properly. They can't produce the necessary amount of 80 p to keep the self functioning correctly. When the cells can't function properly. They get sick and die When cells get sick and die. The organs get sick. This is disease. But before they get sick and die, the cells run into a problem. Not enough. A teepee not enough energy. Sounds familiar. Many people who have treated report more energy and less fatigue. But what does that actually mean? It means that they're minded Contra. Has optimal oxidative phosphor relation and is making more 80 p more energy. They're not sick and dying. When someone has fatigue. It's because they're short on energy on a TPS the universal currency of life. When a TPS or low at the cellular level In the entire organism will eventually feel the same. So, with less jaw, pain and less awakenings, Buck Sexton had less fatigue. And is able to obtain more energy. He called the pod a game changer. It's probable he had more a teepee and less mighty console dysfunction. Let's take a listen. It's far as headaches or discomfort. Have you taken any medication for anything pain you've had. You know, I'm not somebody that really suffers from headaches. I mean for the G. M. J before I used to have a fair amount of pain, but that's way down like I said, So that was the main symptom I came in for, but and I think that I think the pod is just really dealt with that. And with that, obviously comes better sleep over all in a whole lot of things. Come together and make me just feel better. That's great Buck. So, um, it's asked to do the tongue position, which has been listening to the show, You know that having a better tongue position at night. Really can have a big impact in not only your jaw starting to hurt but also in the year fatigue levels and how you feel just a little bit better. Like you said. It's hard to quantitative hard to describe the difference you feel, But when you wake up feeling different, you know it. And you know at that point, not really interested in quantitative it or putting a number to it. You just you like the way you feel when your nights go quicker and you don't have as much disrupted sleep or disturb sleeper, fragmented sleep so Do you plan on? Continue to wear it Buck or is it doesn't bother. You are the biggest difference for me. Doc has been that I just have flat plain split. It actually always felt like it was the splint felt like it was pulling at my teeth and I had it adjusted three times. It just didn't line up properly. The pot It just goes in, and I'm at the point Now where I don't even really know it's there. I pop it, and I'm good to go. Yeah, that's that's how I feel. We're in mind. For many years. It only becomes part of you, and it's not, um obtrusive or it's not bothering you. The main reason is because it makes your tongue happy when you're wearing a flat plane Splint Buck as soon as you lay down and your tone wanted to come out of your throat, it hit the plastic and there was no extra room in the front for your tongue to dock forward. So, therefore, that's why you said you didn't like it. Or maybe, you know, even hated the way it felt. And I have a lot of patients who unfortunately, try it, where it from from other dentists, and they're trying to do the right thing, but they never like it. And I've never met someone who really likes our love's a flat plane splint and get different reaction for patients with the pod and hopefully, as time goes on, you continue to feel the benefits and like wearing it like I do, Because I feel the longer you wear it and the more optimal sleep you can obtain with with no TMJ issues, the better person you are, the better Your day is and I know and my listeners know that You have a busy day yourself and to be sharpened to be crisp and to be on top of your game, especially on live radio, as you know, is very important. So I hope that you feel the benefit in more ways than it improving your team, Jack. Absolutely docking and because I'm willing to wear it, I can actually get to those benefits, right? I mean, quite honestly, I can't even really speak to any benefits of a splint. Just because I never really just too uncomfortable, so I never got to that place. No, I'm good to go with the pod. So I mean, if you say it continues to have sort of compound in benefits going forward, and I'm looking for I've already got my TMJ conquered, And I'm really hoping to just Continue to improve upon my sleep and overall sense of well being. Yeah, That's the important part the well being, and when you have quality sleep sometimes it takes a little help the piece of plastic to protect your John make your tongue.

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