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That is are you had a schedule you know you you look at the pieces that are in place and you say okay i know the direction they're going in this offices amazing this head coach quin snyder is amazing they have a great staff there's a lot to like about utah so i could certainly see for agents you know be interested in knowing there a wind compliment this young or so we want to break down those see'ums because they're you know it seemed like they're kind of about to enter the offseason pretty soon here air but we also want to break down the potential conference finals matchups the celtics cavaliers in eastern conference in the warriors rockets in the western conference now let's start with the celtics cavaliers matchup is really interesting you have the boston celtics that are jordan handed there without kyrie irving without gordon hayward marcus more just recently came back from his injury and we don't really know where he's at percentage wise he certainly not one hundred percent and then you have the cavaliers who you know they've really struggled lebron james i don't know these all the saturday night live skit with donald glover making fun of the the cavaliers it was pretty pretty mean and as funny lebron is so good it's so hard to you know that's hard to bet against the broad games any playoff series it really is with the ways playing right now i was looking at the numbers earlier the gap between lebron in everyone else when you look at p r and wind shares box plus minus in value over replacement player it's ridiculous james horns the number two guy in all those categories in lebron has five more five point lead pr egypt is blowing everyone out of the water when you talk about those stats is our thirty four point eight points which is the second best number of fear you'd every most assist game of his career in the postseason guys dominating right now but it's really interesting that you have basically the most dominant player in the postseason or says the best team unit you know terms tm play embroiled stevens has guys playing a basketball you know guys like terry rozier jalen route tatum they're all stepping up laying out of there.

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