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Listen up the US economy looks as strong as it has ever been now might be the time to invest in. High quality highly profitable American stocks global investors on local San Antonio based asset management firm with decade. As of experience helping you making formed decisions about where to put your money. Discover some of our favorite ways to participate in the market right now, we are US global investors. Visit us at US funds dot com today to learn more, that's the US funds dot com. Happy investing. Here's an idea replace your lawn with hearts scape that looks amazing and never needs to be watered stone, and soil depot has great looking materials. Like river rock gravel flagstone pavers decomposed, granite and shadow rock, visit stone, and soil depot and see great display ideas will make you think. Yeah. I can do this Stony soil depot in Bernie on. I ten bulverde off to eighty one sixteen. Oh, four west and highway eighty three and Donna stone and soil depot dot com. My new car has a lifetime warranty. I have left him roadside assistance to Kia is a place Kia. Optima LX for only one fifty nine a month, or at least a twenty nine hundred Sorrento LX one eighty nine a month. I love the friendly personnel service. I found the car that feed my budget their warranty really made a difference. Visit any work or Kia store in San Antonio. Lifetime warranty long time we'll card for a lifetime. Call eight six six six seven two seven to one for details right now at hold Kat your local dealer get zero percents for forty eight months on new cat compact track loaders skid steer loaders one to ten ton mini. Excavators. Backhoes loaders whether you're looking to buy or lease we've got the right solution to fit your job site needs. Call hold cat at two one zero four four four eight seven four zero four. Visit hold cat dot com slash San Antonio. That's hold cat at two one zero four four four eight seven four zero or visit hold cat dot com slash San Antonio, terms and conditions apply. No the worst commercial real life. Caterer? My rhythm for success is a heaping helping of commercial auto and business insurance through progressive. They helped with up a customized insurance solution. That keeps my business cooking that barrage of bad word play was a most unpleasant,.

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