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Well, you already told you one, which was the woman at in Santa Cruz at bridge mountain. But I think maybe one of my favorites was he said, love to go to the slanted institute on the Big Sur coast. That was just a place that appealed to him and actually driving through the first time in the early 50s when he decided that California was his home. He couldn't learn a living in Big Sur, but he wasn't going to ever be too far from Big Sur. So he would take the family down every year, you know, what my mom and kids would all pile into the car got out of Big Sur. And so that was part of my growing up experience, but years later, when I started recording him, he would come to ask that institute at least once or twice a year. And give these weekend seminars. And just wanted particular was one that he did without wall. It was the one where he told that story about what did God do before he created the world. And it was a weekend with how long it was on daoism and I named my podcast after it. You know, it's kind of a play on words. In my own way was his autobiography and the seminar title was being in the way. And so anyway, he was giving this seminar and they and he was demonstrating and I was demonstrating calligraphy. And we all decided to go out to the pool because Al was said it was time to take a break and he was just all this wonderful form of slow motion Tai Chi. And so there we all were out by the pool doing these like really slow things that it was just so great to get out there and do it. And I'm looking across the pool and there's a woman at the other edge of the pool closer now and she takes a step back and just falls into the pool. And comes up just laughing and she was just something about that moment. You know, my dad helped pull her out of the pool. And everybody just came together. And it was just, it was just so funny. You know, it was just a little something that happened, but there was just something about that moment that bonded everybody. And it went on to the seminar was just it was just great. I mean, he talks in that seminar. He said he began with saying every creature in the world, big, small, whatever. I think it's a human. And he explained that to actually mean by human it thinks it's the center. And sort of this great model of the apple tree, but also sort of more pearls in the network of Indra in the great cosmic spider web. And but what I realized is I heard him say this kind of stuff before, but I realized how important Al and the Tai Chi and the woman falling in the pool, how much that actual experience helped everybody to get that we were that connected..

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