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Now for a quick note, ZipRecruiter smartest and of the week. This is kind ZipRecruiter smartest found of the week. And after surviving my semifinal match up by zero point three points. I need to replace Cam Newton. Do I go Dak Prescott Mitch Trubisky or Josh Allen? Well, I think we know where my never would have imagined hearing a few weeks ago just think about that. Yeah. Josh Allen in that conversation. I'm going back and shadow to the baby in the background. I don't know if you caught that back is I'm so used to that the kids just I swear I every time I tell Casey, I'm at home. I have to do like a radio hit for twelve fifteen minutes. Like one hundred percent of the time. I'll send her upstairs for few minutes. She comes down every time like she'll wait, and it'll be an hour of my an hour. Yeah. My four year old wait the hour. Not bother me. And then comes down during the almost every time. It's like clockwork. But whatever, you know, we still do darnedest things by the way if people could right now start tweeting at field Yates with any questions, you might have specific to your championship match-up this weekend, we want some we're going to try to get some at the end of this show, by the way. I just tweeted out the swerve ailing tour Banco proof that I could do two things at once and some days at sometimes. So if it's done their star star on you. Let's do our man's women's and celeb- league update only have access to the celebrity leagues while I'll give you the lay of the land there. Congratulations Zack Ephron who once again is back in the championship match of finally catches brink. Does that chiseled Zach Ephron he had the number one team during the fantasy regular season? He is in the finals against the team of Philo and Chris Miller last week Ephron took down the team of some Saarna on a ferris. Meanwhile, Lord and Miller took down Evan longoria. The official third basement of the oh six oh, one on his wife, Jamie. I know that Evan. It was feeling pretty good about his team and on ultimately couple of people get unglued by Doug performance. Whether it's tyreek hill relatively quiet day and Adam feeling relatively quiet day, but Ephron versus Lord and Miller the two best teams during the regular season. They meet in the championship. Daniel do you have a man's league update you can provide? Oh, yeah. You bet. I do this. This week in the finals, we have nine years Kyle, by the way, just in case you didn't forget nine years. Kyle has waited nine years to be able to propose to his girlfriend. And run field. Run filling up against each other right now run field run projected to win one twenty six point two two one nineteen point five. Obviously those projections were very skeptical of never should if they're accurate or not. But who does those again, they're total random a lottery? I think it's it is just totally random. I would like to just say this sixteen team league the four running backs in the championship are Christian, McCaffrey good. Jeff Wilson junior Jamal Williams and Marlin MAC, like if you're like plans, not us labor..

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