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Getting turned. That old so quick and like pretty much dealing with it in a matter of minutes and being like, okay this is life now. I'm going to go and we always some bread and cheese and go on a hike like pushing. My life to I'm not as strong but it's more like all right. How do we do with this? I give bread and cheese and going to hike. The race up the stairs. One of my favorite. Just. Given the witch shit the entire time that. She too is struggling, but like still giving me like you're never gonNA make it. You know we're making you go that fast like you gotta try harder than that I respect that I respect. So I mean also the fact that the scarecrow Pumpkin Turnip Headman Fell in love with. Fell in love with her in her older state because who she was just like I'm going to figure this out and like if you want make me a stick or maybe a walking second, then he finds one and south and it's just like. I also think that the scarecrow was under a under magic where he could see who sophie because people see Madison Yeah Yeah. That's why he was like, Oh, it goes beyond this and I look at this. Yeah Turnip head is probably my favorite character just. The, subtext of his entire story is is so bittersweet in the fact that he just takes it and it's like, all right. Yeah. End The war Guy. Favorite. I had to go with Sophie as well. I can't. Her resilience and. No matter what happened to her just being able to be like. I'm GonNa, take the punches and keep going and I know I can do this if I'm old forever that so be it. I'm still going to help these people and try to make how's life better and calipers life like it's It's A. I. I wish I had that. I. Need to work be more sophie that's what I learned. Josh. There an echo in here I'M GONNA say Sophie is my number one for all the reasons that have been I just I also love that she was so strong but she was also like that seeing that I was talking about with the witch in terms of taking back the heart of just being so gentle and kind of intuitive in that sense and. I, really like markle. I Love I just thought he was every time he was on scene get I. He's he seems so like so there was such a wall and then he just became such a friend of. To clean by room next. Best that the cloak thing. You can't leave us. Leaving Right. Also, how customs you got to the filth at the garbage got enough room over there was like Oh God which fork do you want? They're all nasty. Kaelin Sophie's the obvious choice for me I feel like I relate a lot to a lot of the things she deals with in a different way of. Don't make magic to be a nine years old now. I. Don't make hats but I did sell them for a while Second. Honestly is GonNa be hell which feels like a generic choice, but it's it's like. I've. been around a lot of people who don't recognize things about themselves and then like. Seen a lot of people who either do recognize it and change or don't. and. So I like him for being that representation of growth. And special shout out to Solomon. because. That bitch is terrifying but. I I really like she came around these kind of impartial. Yeah. She's impartial and she created a war. She wanted to talk to howl end. She made tiny mini clones of him to wait on her Yeah. And then turn into a dog and then when. The like which she saw that things were fine. She's like are returning the wore off I'm sorry you don't like girl boss power. That's no I I. I'm showing out. Yeah. Because she's terrified he's GonNa. Say I think the opposite Tom? Remarkable to me terrified I'm like. It's also. To create a whole debate here but it's not something you would see in in American cinema either. No. Dude that will be a try. tried. Actually brushed off turnip heads like in love with the main character and also Solomon him like I crafted this war but will shut it off like time for this. Up. I mean, it's a hold on. that. Says it's just crazy. Yes it's it's Masaaki as well. Talking about the fickleness of war as well of like how it's just the pointlessness wim of you know someone who's in power who can just be like Stewart let's not do a war always for you know they never suffer and it's always a panel you know the the bystander civilians soldiers So again to to mine copy, paste Sophie and Howl and Sophie, and I've always bring this up and bring every time. It's because Miyazaki female characters aren't always just princesses new say by Prince and also Howell. And one thing I really enjoyed is a is the aspect of him when he goes out at night and he fights the the other wizards and sorcerers, it's he he says. They're going to regret doing that because they'll never go back and is that sacrifice of their humanity to do that and something that he's always battling with of every time I go out there I come out less humid or less me and also shadow. Christian. Bale baby you know what I'm saying. Win Win for the. Way came out he larry said I will voice any character you want me to voice, and so I've only had the the dub experience I think I did the job the the suburbs subversion wants but like his it's just interesting to hear Christian Bale be soft spoken and to be kind and gentle when you were expecting to be like. You know. Or are I mean even? Ferrari four verse Ferrari, he's like. Doesn't stop it. You know he's like he's like an asshole to people in a way, but it's not like rude. But yeah him doing that and just hearing him being grabbed watch newsies. Hearing. Second and then like when he's telling Sophie to escape back to the castle, he's like you do this. This is a ring it'll go over there like. Wow He's he's a nice guy. So yeah. Dumped version haven't been a really long time. Like it I mean. But I'm also nostalgia on the. Cal. Suffers Billy Chris. Carlson. and. Of Billy Crystal, he got him play this part. Is it? It's a very different mean it's still funny but it's not the same kind of like humor currently does it's it's really. Well done. John lasseter had to conference call to direct them via TV. They're like we at the make sure billy crystal because I think this is right after monsters. Inc when it came out. Really. Wow. So they were like. Okay Billy Crystal was like Disney royalty at this point and then they're like, okay now you're GonNa be into house moving castle there. That's what I think. Last year says there's one person could bring the heart of Kabul's for crystal the American, but you also have like well like Hollywood royalty, like gene, Simmons playing old sits Sophie. Call on which of the waste I mean that's like Hollywood royalty like yeah. You look at their credits and you're like, oh. Damn. Like and this was Gene Simmons last thing that she did right? Yeah think. So yeah. So the last thing. Yeah. Cool so Favorite characters, favorite parts is there anything we want to talk about before we wrap this episode with Housman Castle don't think any qualms exist so. Exist. Yet Um will it's not my favorite Shipley. Movie. No you're done now you. Do have like there's Really, uses right. Actually, to scenes. So the one where he lake is really he like turns into green slime and Markle's leg. Oh, he does this every time he gets dumped, but we don't really see any evidence of him being like a fleur in the book he is Spit Bedtime it movie it just never comes across like it see background. Exactly. It's all girls do. Because really only his time time for is to fight and come back in sleep. Well. We Really Of Yeah Yeah I agree with that. I, think it was it was just like one of those nods to the book like I. Think I think also it's one of those like there's so many there's so much movie in one movie and it's kind of like if they were going to add to show like he just got out of a relationship or like having the witch of the waste be his acts I think it's supposed to be also in terms of like. How long he's been a playboy will I think of like Oh Gee Asian. Sensibilities of like you know like at least for me back when I was watching you know Japanese dramas a k dramas noah kisses until the season finale baby and so like relationships is very sacred and so hearing how like Oh you were with her and then it's like it's one of those Oo..

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