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But they were not great offensive teams, and I think anybody who has followed the Broncos even if you don't live in Denver, but followed. The Broncos would say that the three Super Bowl Teams that John was the quarterback of before Mike Shanahan got here. I mean, one of the biggest reasons they got to the Super Bowl, not the only reason But one of the biggest reasons was John's ability to at key times come up with plays that enabled that team to win and all you have to do is think back to the drive game in Cleveland. Right. I mean, that's a 98.5 yard drive to send the game into overtime there, you know, he made a bunch of place, so I I would I understand your point about statistically. I mean, if you look at statistics, only you would say Joe Nameth is not a great quarterback, either. He's in the Hall of Fame, and he's got more interceptions that he does touchdown passes, so there's more to it than just statist statistics. But in my opinion, John would be at the very least the top 10 quarterback, and I think you could make the case. I mean, give me give me Dave. I'd say Top five. Give me four quarterbacks. That you think we're greater players in the NFL than John Uh uh, So Joe Montana. The guy Greenberg currently Was there? Sure. You look just come instantly to mind. I mean, I wouldn't take far How many championships Two Farve win. What one again. He willed himself to Victory over and over and over. I agree. I agree with it. I Yeah, No, I I don't disagree with that. And I agree with you there, Dave. Thanks for the call. It's kind of a fun conversation because it's totally Subjective, right? I mean, it's um You know, and the game has changed so much, even since John Elway played When you look at John stats compared to today, with all the changes in the National Football League and the way they throw the ball around, and where, where, Uh, You know, Defenses. Defensive backs can't touch wide receivers anymore. It's it's a different game. Elway had 300 touchdowns. 226 interceptions completion percentage 56.9. In today's game, 56.9. You're not going to be around very long at all the different game. It's a whole different game. He had 33 rushing touchdowns in his career. And almost 3500 yards. Russian You know, so he was a complete football player. And I think John Elway when it comes to just pure talent. I think it's pretty hard to beat him. To me. He's the top is the top five quarterback of any era. I mean, you would have to put Brady in there. I mean, my homes is going to be in there eventually, even though he's still a pup. But Montana would be in there. Peyton would be in their Elway would be in there. And there have been some other great ones. I mean again. Terry Bradshaw doesn't You know, I mean, Terry doesn't get a lot of credit. Uh, For what he did. I mean, the Steelers were great on defense. But I mean, Terry made that thing run. Roger. You think Roger's ends up on the top five all time Aaron Rodgers in the discussion. I think I think he's probably going to win another championship. But but I mean, in terms of talent that that guy makes throws I've never seen anybody else make. I mean, maybe Mahomes. But he's got such a unique delivery style. And he's refined it. I mean, that dude is a straight up baller. Yep. You know they've been great ones, and there's so many great quarterbacks over a long period of time era Aras matter. Back in the seventies and eighties. These guys weren't throwing the ball nearly as much as they throw today, so that so the numbers are gonna be skewed in favor of some of these players that are playing in today's game. 9 55 is our time will continue to chop it up three or 37138585, by the way. Correction Tom Brady is 15. Super Bowl MVPs. Um, the other two years. And by the way, he so it was not Malcolm Butler, who won the MVP of that year. It was Julian Edelman. And then in 2000 and five it was Dion Branch, the slot receiver you were trying to think of not the late David Patten Stick around news. Next on K Away. Is it time for a new heating and cooling.

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