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I definitely am. Thank you very much. All right. Well, thanks for joining us on hip parade the bridge. Thank you, Chris. Oh, man. Chris record. Here is really not good. I think it's been about six months since I've actually gotten that question. Right. Well, I kinda love our listeners for it. But I mean that was a hard question. I I was really hard. I didn't know that Creedence Clearwater revival was from California. I always thought that they were some sort of, you know, Louisiana swamp ban because that's sound like, right? No that much I knew and that's one of the interesting paradox of credence as a band is that they sound like they're from the by. They even had a hit called born on the bayou, but they are from California, and, you know, their leader, John Fogerty is this really interesting figure he he's almost like the ultimate American hit maker fifty years ago in the sense that he had you know, elements of rock and country and pop and even a little bit of in be like their first big hit was was an R&_B cover all baked into this music. He wrote in and he he wrote these just irrepressible songs that were instantly. Catchy. And in the case of a song problem. Mary iconic. There's a reason why that became a hit twice not only by credence, but then just a year later for continue Turner, as you know, in a much more Aren be rave up for him. So I wanna talk about this unusual record that Creedence Clearwater revival has it's one of the fun bits of chart trivia, if you talk to billboard Chartered's, everybody likes to recite this data point that credence have five number two hits. And they never went to number one. But also talk a little bit. As you saw that last trivia question about the number one hits that blocked credence some of them are classics. I I mentioned three of them in that question. Some of them are not and one of the things I like to remind people of that as great as the sixties were and is amazing. The music of the sixties was a lot of the hits of sixty eight sixty nine seventy we're not classics. You know, they were, you know, goofy little novelty records that you know, were just a massive hits in their day and credence was blocked. By songs as great as bridge over troubled water, and let's call the more minor hits. And we'll we'll talk about them when we do our next full length episode. So I'm really excited to listen. Because I think this is some trivia, you probably don't know. But my go-to karaoke song is proud Mary really excited. Yes. It is. It's it's it is the credence version. Interesting. Yeah. I think it's just one of the reasons I pick it for karaoke strategy is it's a song. Everybody knows and loves so the singing of the crowd around you really drowns me out. So it's it's really more strategy. But I can't wait to listen. I'm a big fan of CR, so I'm really looking forward to it. And thank you so much again for having me on this episode of the bridge. It's always a pleasure to have you on teacher. I'm TJ Rafael, the senior producer for this league podcast network, and I'm personal anti coupon marching on the one..

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