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Of three people and so i definitely think that they have learned to to not inflame these situations when possible as we've seen though the these ideas don't go away the comeback of their recycled and we haven't really dealt with them this is the stew of all of the things that make it difficult for us to have conversations at thanks give narrative read facebook post you've got race you have religion you have guns you have the myths of the west uh you have this blend of these things that divide americans in ways that we have not figured out how to resolve the go back to our founding to slavery to the to the very things that drive us apart right now jess walter is the author of ruby ridge the truth and tragedy of the randy weaver family thank you so much for your time today thank you as we just heard ruby ridge is still a rallying cry for people on the militant farright people like claven bending monday was at the centre of his own standoff again to federal authorities in two thousand fourteen there's a trial going on in las vegas related to that armed standoff and pierce kirk secular reports on have bundy supporters at the trial think about ruby ridge today ruby ridge may have happened a quartercentury go but for shana cox the standoff is still relevant today is that warming in america if we don't stand up and an an get the information then it allows more of that kind of problem to have an and we've allowed it more and more and tell him become so strong that they can attack anyone when cox says day she's talking about what she sees as an overreaching federal government 25 years after ruby ridge cox says a reliable presents outside the federal courthouse in las vegas leading a collection of selfdescribed patriots conspiracy theorists militia and farright sympathisers waving american flags and clutching pocketsized constitutions they protest many of the same things as people did at ruby ridge only with a new cast of characters clive and bundy and his followers sean a cox sees a parallel to the weaver's there we have a force that comes in against the family that was it that innocent in fact things are a little more murky unlike randy weaver claven bundy openly defied the.

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