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Zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. It's seven twenty one Mineta San Jose international is one of two airports in the United States tapped to test new perimeter security technology as KCBS as mad Bigler reports. Live from JC this airport has a history of high profile security breaches, Matt good morning. Susan, you may remember in two thousand fourteen a teenager was able to hop a fence here it s JC climb into the wheel well of a plane and fly to Hawaii that and other embarrassing security breaches led to the airport asking the TSA for extra funding for perimeter security, and we were the candidates selected. Airport spokesperson, Rosemary Barnes, says the TSA we'll test out video cameras. Lasers ground sensors. In addition to the security upgrades. They've already made Runa determine what else we can do here to continue to enhance our programs. She tells Kate putt KPI expired passengers we talked to were glad for any extra security Putih body says J C seems wide open compared to SF o or Oakland international airport. I don't know if you can sneak look bad. So yeah. And any safety that makes traveling little airport where the TSA will test perimeter security, Miami International live at s J C Matt Bigler KCBS, thanks finding housing not only a challenge for San Jose residents. But also in local theater company. KCBS is my Cogan says the city lights theatre company could soon find itself without a home. God of carnage the season opener drew a packed house to this theater on south second street. But no tickets will be sold for next season. Until a new home is found because the least here is running out blog is the city's downtown manager. We're very fortunate here in San Jose to have a very active vibrant, robust art scene specifically in our downtown. Zillow says the company is an important part of the downtown art scene in San Jose. We have a very thought provoking and comprehensive art scene, and we want to keep it like that even though city lights has been part of San Jose for thirty five years, the company's executive artistic director isn't ruling moving to another south bay city of a location here can't be found by Colgan KCBS. KCBS news time seven thirty seven twenty four checking financial news. Sponsored by the Tucci and associates Jason Brooks is standing by the KCBS super micro Intel money desk Sousa tesla shares are looking back after sliding Tuesday would word broke that the company is being investigated by the Justice department over Elon Musk's going private tweets last month. The car maker says it's not received a subpoena from Justice, but is cooperating with documents requests, the New York Times says that the two financial firms that tesla hired to consider the private move have received subpoenas from the securities and Exchange Commission. Goldman Sachs in silver lake partners. Tesla received a subpoena from the SEC earlier musk has avoided tweeting about the investigation Tesla's stock up a quarter percent after falling three and a half percent yesterday net. Flicks continues to.

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