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We are certainly better, I should say with the Bears saying, Look, we are better off with Nick Foles. Stravinsky had the opportunity game 13 touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. Did he turn into a leaf? Against the Lions, the wind. Then they took on a terrible giants team to get to to a No. The bears or three. You know, I don't think there is good in the Packers and three, you know, but they've done it with Nick Foles. And after the game at, Maggie said. I'm not telling you what's gonna happen next week on Sunday, they well, that's not very smart. He's hosting They're hosting the Indianapolis Colts. The Bears are at three. You know, Nagy said. I just want to enjoy this victory today. That was yesterday. But today is Monday, and we're down to business again. It's not even a conversation even have at this point. What's the point? In point is look You're down by 16 points with Nick Foles took over midgets. Robiskie did. He went 13 for 20 to 128 yards right into a pic. But when you when you look at Nick Foles for what he is, he gave them energy in the life he came in, took over lead three touchdowns. He threw an interception, but he had 33 touchdowns. Okay, who was 16 of 29 for 188 yards. Serviceable. That's who he is. Now. Do you start, Mr Biscuit in pulling Nick Foles Come back in the game. You played that game. Oh, you just start him in your done with Mr Biscuit. You've made it very clear. That you didn't pick up his fifth year option. And the fact that you got off to a to a new start, and I always see it. Give it 3 to 5 games before you make a decision to go to Nick Foles, where you did it in the third game, So is nothing else to talk about. If I'm if I am the head coach and met Maggie, I have to now. Come out to my team and our team meet when we start the new week in preparation for the next opponent and let them know that Nick Foles is our starting quarterback, moving forward, and that's it. 26 10 key reference. The 16 Point deficit was 26 10 game seemingly was in the bag. Obviously the other side we could discuss it another time. What this really means for the Falcons, obviously desperate situation here. On a nag us out a little bit of a hot seat. We know Dan Quince seed is scalding just on the other side, and I totally get it was the second overall pick, and this has been talked to death with the two guys like Moe, Holmes and Watson. It's already been talked about that they passed on those guys. We get it. But why is it in any sport but particularly in football? When a guy is who he is, We just can't accept it. You said Mitch Stravinsky is serviceable. So we came in there and he had a serviceable stat line. He wasn't anything other than what we thought it was going to be, and people are just apoplectic that he doesn't look better. But you and all these other football experts have said, Listen, this is who he is. Why your people in such a tizzy about him essentially just living up to his mediocre expectations well, because the expectations when the number two pick overall, the expectations are high. That that is when you drafted when you draft clears in that top 515. It's supposed to be franchise changing right and so, especially at the quarterback spot. If they drafted number two, and they say, Oh, Billy it if they draft him at 22 instead of two It was like, Oh, cool, right, but because he was too It's like What were we supposed to see what we're seeing out of Patrick Mahomes and the more Jackson I was taken with the last picked by how come we're not seeing that he was too If he's too and these guys were 15 and 2018 and so on down the chain He's supposed to be way better than that This process would be close. That's the way the fan base thinks their brain. Tell them. If you're the second overall picture is supposed to be better than any of these guys that went below you. He shot with the really hot take on Travis Key here in 20 seconds. But first, Keyshawn J. Will Zubin reminding you tell about ESPN Audio home via your smart speaker, ESPN Audio home brought to buy Mercedes Benz vans, driver Mercedes Benz van and find out how far an extra mile really goes from customization in service to financial assistance. Mercedes Benz vans are ready for anything, and I appreciate your listening on the smart speakers is 2020. That's kind of the way it goes right now. Not everybody's got a radio in the house or is in the car anymore. We were talking about this before the show with staff. And we were all pretty surprised when somebody broach the issue of its an NFL mantra is oldest time. Get him in my camp. I can fix him. So when somebody essentially said, Do you think Mitch Strabinsky will be a number one starting quarterback for any other team in the National Football League and the rest of his career? A very young career? At this point, I think I could. I don't speak for most of the staff. But me and most of the staff are like Based on what we've seen. I'm not really sure. And you said, Oh, absolutely. Someone's going to take a chance somewhere. God really surprised that there's gonna be some body and I don't know that somebody is When he leaves Chicago. There's going to be a team. This is We like some of the things that he does. Will we like that? You know, I've always liked him. He had a strong warm in North Carolina. When I worked the mile. He was this He was that there's gonna be somebody. There's always a body, especially when you were a first round pick, let alone a second pick in the draft. Think about it. Just think about it for a minute in your head of all the players that our first round picks that it didn't work out where they moved on to other teams. They came basically there to battle for starting spot. You know, come to mileage is not saying that he's going to Denver. I know you'll get all Denver up. Let's say, like the Denver Broncos, right? They quarterback He's available illnesses. Okay. I like you doesn't mean he's gonna be drew lockout just means that they're bringing their competition in Blink ever for crying out loud was in San Francisco. Start if Ryan Leaf Okay? Ryan leave had three or 45 opportunities after the charges. He was with me in Tampa. Okay? He can't. They really thought that it was like man. He could throw it. It always happens. It just that's just what it is Some coach On Chicago staff or get a job with somebody else, and he'll say, What do you think about? Mitchie said, Man Mitch got did wrong, blah, blah, blah. And then the next thing you know, he'll be on another team. Blake Bortles. I mean, just think I could go on and on, you know it When you are a high draft pick, they're going to give you an opportunity to really see if you can make it. Last thing how much of it is coaching ego? Like when I turn this guy around when I do it? That's what happens. Look, Marcus, marry on ahead. You know, he did OK in Tennessee. Not great. Not bad, just kind of also to overall number two. Overall big. The Raiders have paid him like nine million bucks to come be a backup to push car because eventually They may go that direction You're going to always see a guy get another opportunity. It's just what it is fascinating. I don't think they'll be replacing Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson anytime soon. We'll talk about the huge Monday night football matches one of the biggest we've seen on Monday night in years with our embedded reporters with both teams that had the inside scoop, But first, let's go from a to Z. From.

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