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Tip. Thank you Still to come tonight, staying calm. That's horrible. But Angela's crest That's that's bad vibes. It looks like somebody ran off the road went down. You know 50 100, a couple 100 ft and died. And now they're the sheriffs were out there trying to get the car out of there. And also whoever was driving that car as well. Oh, boy, you know, you just gotta hope it was quick, but Could have been a suicide. Right could have been. You know, we'll have to see if there's any skid mark. There's no skid marks. Where that car launched off Then you know, it could have been a suicide or get about medical problem. I could've been somebody had a heart attack. I hate to say this, but it could have been texting or looking at the phone. Oh, you're right. Yes. Could have been absolutely right. Don't text and drive up that hill. And is that when they say Angeles Crest forces that the road up to a big bear and Hi, Arrowhead. That's a good question. I mean, that is one of the roads that that might be a Dave Joseph question asked is that I don't know about where exactly they're talking about. But his day with US day Jos E. With us. I am with you. Hey, where is that accident, you know I don't. I'm looking into that right now. Okay, There's an it's on Angeles Crest Highway. It's a It's a fatality. Somebody drove off the edge of the road and didn't make it when they say, Angeles Crest Force. I'm embarrassed Born raised here. Are they talking about? The Angeles Crest Forest where it's that's the road to Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. Are they talking about the one off of the two free? Where were the two runs in the 2 10? I think it might be the two that they're talking about. But let me just double check on that. All right? All right. I think it is the two. I think it is. Yeah, I think it's worthy of the two and the 2 10 meat. I think that's the the road they're talking about there. Yeah, because there's a big bridge there as well. And it just happened right after the bridge. So if you're familiar with that area, that's it happened anyway. So the Dodgers no reason to listen to tonight. They're up by 14 runs so All the people list thing, Tio 5 70 am welcome. On DH. Well, the CAF? I am 6 40 because now that the Dodgers are in the seventh inning And it's 15. To one. So if the Dodgers hold on And that seems pretty likely here, right? If they hold on. And the Dodgers are going down two games to one. The best of seven. Siri's for the and whoever goes and wins that game, then that's the World Series is next. So that's a big, big game. The game big game, James Wright think Gone with that game. Right, So that's that was cool to watch that it was. It was great because Dodgers the last two games, the first game was horrible. And last game they were coming back and the ninth day of the tying of the tying run. Was left at third base on DH Soto have 15 run scored today is really, really cool. We continue with Cove it and all things confusing. You know, with where people can eat. Where can they not eat outdoor dining, and I always feel so sad when I drive by a beautiful restaurant, and I see you know, crappy tables out the parking lot. And people eating, You know, one of the one of nine tables is taken, and it's a great restaurant. You've been there before. It's beautiful inside, and now everyone has to sit in the parking lot needs and that that son is just beating down on face. I know I know It's horrible. I know how these guys survive. I really don't It seems like next to impossible to keep a great restaurant growing, but more outdoor dining restaurant industry could lose about $240 billion in sales this year. Corona virus safety measures have them turning to outdoor dining correspondent Vladimir Do the shows us How restaurants are getting creative as the weather turns colder. It's getting a little nippy. Yeah, you know, I don't know how New York restaurants are going to it, or Boston or main, Whatever..

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