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News now i'm dan martin the us government's highway safety agency is expanding three investigations for break and airbag troubles that could affect more than two point three million vehicles from ford volkswagen and nissan the expansions by the national highway traffic safety administration were announced monday and over the weekend on the agency's website after investigators found more consumer complaints about the problems the ford probe now covers a potential break problem on just over one million fusion mercury milan and lincoln mk's z cars from the two thousand six through two thousand twelve model years investigators meanwhile are looking into whether a vw airbag recall worked on eight models from twenty ten to twenty fourteen the probe now covers one point two million vehicles the agency is also upgrading probe into about one hundred eight thousand nissan moreno suv's from two thousand nine to see if more models are affected michigan state university has maintained ties to a prominent volleyball coach publicly accused of sexually abusing and raping six underage girls that he trained in the nineteen eighties letters obtained by the associated press from advocates for the accusers reveal the school has been under pressure for at least a year to sever its relationship with rick butler his training facilities in suburban chicago have long been a pipeline for the nation's top volleyball recruits wham radar weather forecast from wham radio for this afternoon showers high of about fifty six for tonight showers yet again low near forty two then for tomorrow wednesday the twenty fifth looks like cloudy skies high of about fifty three three that's lamb news now i'm dan martin time for this american voice with iran brought.

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