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And you to tell me which was a video game character david which was the actress nee yeah we sleep her before in one of those terminator sequels i remember that name as she's aided by interpol agent charlie nash played by chris klein but they really don't do a whole lot of good in this movie knob issued a lot of guns shout a lot i'm not convinced about hold cop narrative was of just added after they realize it enough of a movie here but we'll get into that mmhmm these adversaries are hitting by sinn at a vulnerable time as he's prepared to receive the white robes which it turns out is a codename for his daughter or is this conscience is this rogue one advice and kills chug li's father who was kept around two google stuff is a glut business man sean li mike your work get in here all this show he's so loud connect is good business man he knows everyone somewhat nine one one can't be a here amid shadow lau do you not to have a bowl of rooms liu sitting there with the internet yes i do no one knows the most important man in the world and he can just gone sean li in inner and jan store bisons basing kill him and as useless bodyguard bow rogge played by michael clark duncan with vice in destroyed jen tried to recruit chung lead a go find a fighter named review but chun leave declines in deciced to just stay home is crazy.

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