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To work for hanna barbera for a brief time and then finally playing thousand years then all of a sudden you end up doing hair and patsy plan pets but what does it create a career mean that oh you have to life is one thing career is another thing career as a film actress no you could not say that i've had like a spectacular career absolutely not would you say your celebrity i tim definitely i would say that would you say you're a well known celebrity at this point i think so cation vacation american history extra brilliant can about onto rosh for years you've played a great character how 'bout this you'd be but i don't see those as as as things that that that you were how native for a golden globe for patsy cline i i haven't been nominated for a golden globe look i'm not here to to your ego i'm saying it's obvious to a lot of people may be not yours look i think you're insatiable as faulk i think you always want to be working and doing what you wanna be do i mean i did like when i had the kids and i split up with al i kind kinda went who's gonna be the available parent here so i made a conscious decision onto raj was totally gift to have a gig in town but i mean all the things that i didn't do because i want to be available parent so now my kids are older and i'm like okay i can take off in like i'm old what's your relationship blue kids fabulous fun do you have.

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