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Opinion. President Trump has von Corp fight over the border wall. Federal judge sided with the Trump administration, projecting lawsuit seeking to prevent military funds from being used for the border wall. President Trump declared a national emergency diverting already appropriated. Pentagon, money and move, Democrats say violation of constitutional separation of powers. The Justice department praised the ruling saying the court rightly rule that the house of representatives cannot acid judiciary to take it side and political disputes House Democrats say they're reviewing the ruling as. They consider an appeal in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, FOX is a California man, freed from prison after serving twenty three years of his life sentence on a joy riding conviction, including eight years, solitary confinement for possessing a book written by the co founder of a notorious prison gang Kenneth Oliver now fifty two was given the life sentence at twenty nine under California's three strikes ended law for repeat felons voters ease the lawn twenty twelve to allow licenses only when the third strike is for a serious or violent felony the number of homeless on the rise in Los Angeles, number of homeless. Now over thirty six thousand according to city officials up sixteen percent from last year. But it's not as if the problems being ignored the LA homeless services authority says it helped over twenty one thousand people move into permanent housing in two thousand eighteen that's a pace that could quickly and homelessness, if he can omic pressures and other factors. Not post thousands. More onto the streets officials estimate twenty nine percent of the homeless. In Los Angeles County are mentally, ill or addicts. Tomor Gotti, Fox News reports as minority populations and small children are especially vulnerable to being undercounted next year. Census the report from the urban institute's is anywhere from nine hundred thousand four million people living in the US could be undercounted states. Most at risk include.

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