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I think to just get a hit around that. We're always very supportive. They love me very much so there was never any doubt in. That is just annoyed that my mom needed time particularly to just quietly process it. My Dad's a very practical man. He's he's a good man but he's very practical Manzar. Although I know he was seen in his own way Mom was always gonNA take a little longer but She now sees it the way I see it and I see it as a necessary. Dina the everything that happened including my m my unconscious state state for some twenty s after that quite often reach into a bottle to forget to disconnect. It's very common. A lot of the other survivors. Elida found out a lot of them got heavily into drugs as well and various other. The instructor would never really my thing to be honest with you. The alcohol worked. It was a beautiful white Silk Medicaid and My mom soon realized you know after many discussions with everything that that she started to say the way I see it and and for me I would lead from all of that was a process that can only can only be said to be. I A remarkable self-awakening realization of things that at the time I never never would have begun to think I could realize but the big realization for me was that I the abusive incident itself was was quite clearly orchestrated by the universe to make me who I am today to. I needed to go through what I went through so that I can understand what I need to understand to be able to. Now be up to do for people what I can do for people and I I regret that for for one second although it was Although it was very difficult at the time and you can probably tell. It still has a certain rawness to me because it's not something I talk about very often despite have been in my book you know it's not it's not something that everybody needs another day tells off but it's But the story in itself creates a almost a personal power to narrow the you know if I got through that and that has made me who I am today really these nothing out there. There's nothing out there that can do that again. Could even come close to impacted me the way it is. It's almost like it was does. It was the event that created this night belief. I had for so many years as I was almost like a superhero with Nar caused not knowing water Y. O. L. But I used to have these these fabulous dreams of flying and everything which is not an uncommon thing. I think for a lot of kids but I just I always always believed that I was destined for bigger things. I just. I just couldn't get past that trying to define it to realize it and it wasn't until I really started to embrace the idea of helping someone else. In the case was I knew that this thing was rising up within me and I knew I had someone by Mossad by physically and spiritually so physically Klay was my wife at the time who was a great friend and she she always rather unwittingly deed her part on knowing what was going on and then spiritually which was these angel. The KIP visiting me. My drains to raise show me that it was time to to get on with it the forgery. Whatever is ahead no idea? I had no idea at that time. What it all meant ain't what it would look like wear up and although I have that level of clarity now I see it circulated? It's like a movie in my head. Almost what is the common how it'll work it. That clarity has taken years in years and years of extraordinary work extraordinarily inner work personal growth work personal development work. Or what I prefer to refer to as personal redevelopment only because you know in a lot of aspects were already developed developed in our unwinds we need to just redevelop castles to be able to really find nothing life and it was that underlying lying on. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie. Unbreakable with Bruce Willis Security Guard guy. Who just he knows? There's something more going on. But he just he just doesn't feel worthy he's really sad crystal the time He's not sure what's going on but he just. This is in a pool within him. That says this so much more that there the there is there is a cause for you and then eventually throughout the movie he starts to tap into these kind of powers he hasn't been able to connect necked by touching with in a lot of cases. The bad guys and seen what they have are about to so much like a psychic sort of clairvoyance. That's what it was. It was this feeling within him when he figured this out. It is a It's a remarkable feeling of limitless. Potential of invincibility. You do you arrive with your superhero costume on all of a sudden an a- although I never really had much of the like her or anything like that it's a really strong earning date with me and it. It was really important for made a find that overseas. And it's still something this developing but the the real realization for me was is this. I believe there is that hero with an absolutely everyone. I believe everybody has that Uni but just into from wise it means different things to different people because it comes from different different places from different upbringings from from different cultures. And I it was when I started to fully really understand and grasp that I really started to realize I said I have a role to play in enabling empowering people to find that within themselves and that that was something I could Nino now. We.

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